Body clarity. This came up during an interesting conversation that I had with a patient last week. As soon as she walked in for her appointment, I could tell that she was different, that something had shifted. She started telling me about her week and I interrupted her at one point and said “You look so clear!” and she replied “Well, that’s odd, because I feel messy in my head, a calm messy”.

And here’s where the conversation gets interesting.



What the heck does it mean to be clear? What is body clarity?


Most generally, when we hear or use this expression, it means that we have a sense of mental clarity around a particular topic. We know what direction we need to go, we understand algebra… clear? Got it.. But that’s not what I meant at all.


In my definition, being clear doesn’t equate with being organized and ‘in control’. Being clear means that you are an open vessel, that you have a free passage through your body – body clarity. Being an open vessel means that you can allow life and situations within to pass through as they will. It also means that we aren’t clinging to things because we all know there is no benefit in that. There are no snags.


It means that emotions come up, are recognized, used if necessary, and then moved right along.


This is a state that I try to visit as often as possible, especially during treatments. I feel that if I am able to achieve this, I provide more space for my patient to heal. It is possible in this state to allow energy to pass through me which creates a vacuum and therefore can help clear their energy. I often feel whether a point is useful or not in my gut in this state.


I believe the 3 major benefits of being able to reach a state of body clarity are:
1. The ability to process situations as they arise, thus each ‘problem’ causes you less strife because you aren’t repeating it on a loop for the next hour, day, week…
2. The ability to respond instead of react. When you have a state of clarity in your body, your emotional responses are more adequate and there is a half second of space that allows you to catch yourself before you react in a way that even you don’t like.
3. The ability to notice issues in the body faster than the average bear. When your body is clear, things move through easily. When there is a blockage, physical or energetic, you will realize it sooner and be able to respond to it sooner, thus keeping yourself healthier.

What should you do to have more body clarity?

1. Yoga Nidra (or Body Scan) – a type of laying down meditation that is best done before bed. Lay down and scan the state of your body, relax into the bed or floor as much as possible. Then, step by step, go over each section of your body and allow it to ‘empty’ whatever it picked up during the day. Don’t think too much about this, just bring your attention to your head and pretend like you can clear it out with your mind and then move down your body. There is an option to listen to a guided version of this which you can find easily on youtube… or if you want, I can make one soon 🙂
2. Once you’ve done a yoga nidra before bed for a week or so, you’ll already notice a difference. You’ll know what it means to totally relax. You can remind your body to do this during the day. Just a simple instruction in your mind will do. Tell yourself: “Empty” and you will feel your body let go. I like to do it before work so that I feel ready to see patients. You can use it as soon as you wake up if you have a mental morning routine with your family or whenever you’d like to feel calmer and more peaceful.
3. Once both of these are easy for you, it’s time to add meditation. Once you know what this state is like, meditation is much easier. A consistent meditation practice (of any kind) is simply THE BEST WAY to remain an open vessel and have body clarity. 🙂

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