If you’re reading this, there is a chance that I’m your weird friend.

I always tell people I’m practical with a side of woo woo. I love both sides. I can feel my feet solid on the ground and I love to stare at the moon and ask my ancestors for their support. My bestie, who shares these traits, came to meet me at the spa that I was staying at this October. Whenever we are together, we chant, meditate, set intentions and have real, soul stirring conversations about where we want to go next with our lives. Then, we cheer each other with champagne. She is one of my favorite parts of life.


We’ve been discussing starting a podcast to share some of our conversations, life mess ups and fixes and also to show people how we think that best friends should show up for one another. Then, I saw this article about being choosy about who is in your life over at Thrive Global. Choosing people who embody things that you like makes you more likely to do/be those things yourself. The ability to better yourself leads to more overall life satisfaction.


So, surrounding yourself with people who do/be/have things that you want is one way to increase the probability that your life will look like that as well. Right now, in my life, this means finding more people that exercise regularly. I exercise – when my personal trainer is with me or when it requires little to no effort on my part. I would like to find my rhythm with it again, the way I used to – so it’s time to find some fit friends. Meetup.com is a great way to find people with similar interests to you in your area, so that’s my next stop today.


My job for you this week is to spend a minute looking at the people you spend the most time with. Take stock in what they offer you as far as life goals. Notice if there is something that you are missing that you’d like to have – then – find a way to fill the gaps.


[tweet_dis]Are you trying to eat healthier but your bestie is a sugar junkie?[/tweet_dis]

Do you want to have deeper conversations, but you haven’t allowed yourself to create deep relationships and your closest friends are, well, superficial?

Do you want to meditate regularly but your friends think meditation is just too woo woo?

Do you meet up for girls’ night out once a month but really want to ditch the alcohol?


Find people that live the way you want to. Make friends with them. Adopt their ways of being. Help each other be better.


While in the spa with my bestie, my sister called. She asked what we were up to and I told her that we had just finished chanting. She said “I’m so glad that you guys have each other to be weird with” and that just about summed it up. What kind of person could you bring into your circle who could help you show your weirdness?





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