Patient: I know I should drink more water, but I always forget. I know I should exercise, but I can’t wake up in the morning and when I get out of work there is always so much to do. I know I should ….. but …..

But. But. But.

I hear this every day, multiple times. And surprisingly, I am not here to tell you to stop making excuses and get to work. That never lasts. Not for me anyway. I am a consistently inconsistent person and if you are like the grand majority of my patients, so are you. I think other people in the health world will ostracize me for this article but I can’t even care about that right now. In 10 years, I have met VERY FEW patients who are able to make a routine and stick to it forever. I’ve actually met exactly ZERO patients who can do this. So, why does everyone keep selling you 10 steps to perfect health? Humans just don’t seem to work that way!

I personally can’t even be forced into consistency. I was told recently that I have some irregularities in my thyroid panel and a small piece of me was excited because I thought “This is IT! Now I have NO EXCUSES, I have to take care of myself, perfectly!” And I did. For three months-ish. You can scroll through my Facebook posts to see for yourself.

I wrote the Thyroid Chronicles. I was into it. I was engaged. I did a Whole30 (or a whole 22 but who’s counting?). Ya know what happened after that? Nothing. I haven’t really thought about my thyroid in months. When people ask me about it, I am surprised because I have basically forgotten about it. Mind you, I never really had strong symptoms, so it isn’t really rearing it’s ugly head often enough for me to pay attention. I don’t need to take meds. I am sure it is fine-ish. (If you need meds, please don’t follow my example! Take them!)

So then, what the heck do I do and how do I take care of myself and most important, how can YOU?

I play games. I choose whatever self care seems most interesting and fun at the moment and I play with that until I get bored. Then I do something else. Anything else.

Right now, I am on a roll with getting out of bed (without checking my phone!), drinking a full glass of water, shaking dem bones and then sitting for 5 minutes of meditation that I use Yogaglo for (I LOVE Yogaglo and no, I didn’t get paid to say that.. I really really love them). It’s been 7 days. I don’t know how long this little affair will last but I promise you this – no matter how good I feel from doing it, it will only last as long as it feels fun or amusing to me.

So, check in with yourself. If you are totally, completely honest: what is the easiest, smallest, most fun change you can make for the next (insert unspecified amount of time here)?

Would you feel proud if you didn’t open Facebook or email before getting out of bed?

Would you love to limit screen time for a few days?

Would you be thrilled if you could remember to take magnesium before bed?

Would you love to practice deep breathing for 3 minutes a day?

Let me know what you decide on and pop a comment down below!

Also, if this resonates with you, it probably resonates with your friends too! Share this article with them and watch them breathe easier 😉

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