Always around the end of July, beginning of August, my husband and I start to feel giddy about the upcoming American Football season. I grew up in a football loving household and turned my husband onto it when we met. This year to start gearing us up, he found a show on Netflix called Last Chance U.


It is a show about a junior college in East Mississippi that basically takes football players that no one wants because of some background problems and rehabilitates them – on and off the field – hoping to help get them into better schools with better prospects. They are now airing season two and something that the coach, Buddy Stephens, said struck me big time. His life, his passion was on display on reality TV for all of season one. He’s a colorful character and uses colorful language. At the beginning of season two, he talks about how he watched the first season and decided he didn’t like the person he saw on tv. And he committed to change.


It got me thinking, if someone was to put me on tv – and pick out all the juicy bits to show because that’s what sells – would I like what I saw?


Coach Stephens committed to cleaning up his language and his arrogance. And you can tell he’s actually doing it. The difference between the seasons is huge. His daughter comes on in season two to talk about how he’s been vulnerable and open with this struggle at home and shares a lesson that he’s taught her: it’s not the information that you get, but what you do with it that matters.


I’ve been so impressed by this behavior because admitting that to yourself is HARD. Actually doing something about it is even harder. It requires an enormous amount of self awareness, discipline and humility.


I like to pretend I am a calm person and that not much bothers me. In reality? I am anxious and overwhelmed easily. I get things done, yes… but give myself migraines in the process. I think if I had the opportunity to watch myself from the outside, I’d notice all the areas where I add stress that doesn’t even exist to my life and lifestyle. I’d tell myself after season one that it is time to learn to calm down and let things go. I’d tell myself to be gentler. With myself and everyone else.


What about you? Would you like what you saw if someone put a few months of YOU on film? What do you think you might see? What do you think you might want to change?


Give it a think and let me know in the comments 🙂





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