My husband and I have a requirement for friends. It’s funk. We tend to have the best time hanging out with people that have their own brand of weirdness and are not afraid to show it. This has been consistent for me throughout my life. I always chose friends that were a bit different. I have always loved hanging with artists and musicians and creative thinkers. I like people with quirks and special talents.

What does this have to do with health?

Good question.

Too many people have put themselves into boxes and not allowed space for their funk to shine. They are in corporate boxes or marriage boxes or gender boxes – and they are stuck. In Chinese medicine, the idea of being stuck is known as stagnation and is thought to be the cause of nearly every problem in the body. It can manifest a million ways but if for some reason the flow is blocked – you will have some sort of pain, blockage, disease or otherwise. There is even a famous expression in Chinese medicine (I dare you to say it three times fast!):

Tong zhi bu tong bu tong zhi tong
which means: There is flow, there is no pain. There is no flow, there is pain.

The word for pain in chinese (tong 痛) can be translated as ache, pain or sorrow. Pain in this sense therefore does not only refer to physical pain, but mental or emotional pain as well. One of the things that I love about Chinese medicine is that it does not separate mental, emotional, spiritual and physical symptoms. Each person is viewed as a complete system where all of these things can be causes or effects of a disease process in play.

So, do your health a favor and remember your quirks. Be aware of the gifts you have that make you YOU. Find a way to let your funk shine through, no matter what your circumstance. Your energy will flow better and you will have successfully unblocked one of the biggest flow stoppers in the disease making business. We need you and your funk and your body needs it too.

Funk on, brothers and sisters, Funk on.

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