24 hours of cars and planes later and we arrived, ready to be Inspired by India. Just landing at the Dehli airport, you know you are in India. The sights, the smells and the commotion are different. Walking through the airport to the Domestic Departure area, we saw this beautiful sculpture of the full sun salutation. I knew then deep in my gut that I was so so happy to be on this trip. We hopped on one more small plane and then we were driven up a windy mountain road that had signs alongside it that said:


Don’t hurry, no worry”


All will wait, better be late”


Ah, different speeds of life. It’s one of my favorite things about traveling. Life runs at different speed and with different needs all over the planet.

When we got to our final destination, Ananda Spa in the Himalayas – I was floored. This place is beyond beautiful and is obviously ostentatious compared to the average Indian life. There is a mixture of happiness to be here and guilt that I am able to be here. The drastic jump between classes is so in your face and that brings up some contrasting feelings about the way the world works. 


The program we are following while we are here is called Dhyana Self Realization. The resident Ayurvedic doctor reminded me that I would not be fully self realized when this program ended… lol. Obviously. He said to prepare myself rather for a deeper self knowing on the way to self realization. I just winked at him.


As a follow up to this meeting, I had an Abhyanga massage. Abhyanga is an amazing experience of 2 massage therapists working on you at once with enough oil to drown you in. Just before the massage, the therapists chant a prayer for the greatest benefit for you from the treatment. As someone who spends most of her time taking care of other people, this amount of reverence and attention on me nearly brought me to tears. My body was at a different vibration to start the massage after that.


After the massage ends, I sat in a steam bath for 5 minutes and then used an herbal paste to wash the oil off. This whole procedure from start to finish was a welcome transition to my time here… following all that traveling, it was nice to get my blood moving again.


At 7pm local time, I have an Ayurvedic consultation where they will tell me what body constitution / imbalance I have. In Ayurveda, this is called a Dosha and there are 3 possibilities: Vata, Pitta, Kapha. For the rest of the trip, the menu is labelled by which dosha they balance. I can choose the best food to rebalance myself at every meal. I am so excited to have 9 days of food that is perfect for me – I’ve been on a major sugar kick lately (they come in waves, yaknowwhadImean?). This is a great chance to shift out of that.


Supporting my body with the best possible options makes everything easier.


From here on out, I will have a minimum of: daily 1 hour yoga, 1 hour meditation and 30 minutes of breathing exercises. In addition, there will be some spa treatments and I can attend other classes: more yoga, fitness, lectures, etc.


I will be recording everything as I go – so stay tuned and absorb some of this magic Indian energy for yourself. 🙂



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