Wellness continuum?   Sarahpeutics?  WHA?!?!

Sarahpeutics is a pair of Sarahs (both of whom are dear to me) that combine their healing knowledge, skills and experience to teach you the ins and outs of using self love to self heal. They posted a blog this week that struck a chord with me, so I thought it might strike a chord with you too.

The Wellness continuum is a basic chart to let you figure out where you are at health wise (and where you want to go) it’s inside the blog post, so click here to find it.

There is a lot of info packed into this blog and 2 parts stuck with me most.

  1. The wellness continuum. If I am honest with myself, I rank at a neutral right now. Let me know in the comments below where you could rank yourself right now. Hopefully you’re doing better than me.
  2. This: “But it’s so far outside the norm, that our western medicine culture has no definition for my offering.  I’m far more than a massage therapist.  I dislike the word “healer” because it implies that I’m healing other people, where my attitude is that I offer support so that people can heal themselves. I’m not just a myofascial release therapist, nor a yoga teacher, nor a nutritionist.”

Oof. That number two. Part of my journey these past few months as I venture from the treatment room to the space of online wellness inspiration was/is to choose a title for myself.

Right now, I’m calling myself your professional health bestie – because I think it’s cute and funny and also because I literally don’t know what to call myself. By degree I am a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (seriously). By license, I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. My patients have called me: The woman every woman needs in her life, spiritual guru, therapist, friendapist, psychologist, spiritual guide, spiritual healer, alternative healer, healer for the mind body and soul, miracle worker .. and so on and so on…

In this new (old) world of healing, we are combining things and discussing things that are parts of many major disciplines. No one knows exactly what to call us.. but maybe if enough of us keep at it, something will be created.

I’m counting on your ideas! In the comments, let me know what you think we could be called! C’mon, it’ll be a laugh!


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