August. It’s my favorite month. First of all, it’s my birthday month (I LOVE my birthday). Second of all, it’s high summer. Third of all, after growing up in the US where vacations are short, fast and jam packed, I’ve really learned to lean in to the European August. Mostly, it means that everything is slowed down majorly because mostly everyone is on vacation. So, you’re left with nothing else but to go on vacation yourself.

Over the months of July and August, I see half the amount of patients that I see the remainder of the year. I have time to enjoy the sun and soak up that summer energy.


I also have time to focus on other projects that I may have in the works. This year, that project is huge.


Since I started school, I have wanted people to understand the basics of Chinese medicine so that they can understand themselves and their bodies better. Where there is heat use cold, where there is dryness, use moisture. It’s so simple that with basic instructions anyone can apply it. The information I learned at the beginning of my Master’s program was like one Aha! moment after another. All of a sudden the whole world started to make more sense. I’m practical down to the bone and this system was easy to learn and easy to apply.


So – I’ve taken that initial WOW and added 4 years of school and 10 years of experience to bring you an e-course!


We are in our third week of beta testing and so far, so good. I have some changes and improvements to make thanks to the awesome suggestions of my beta testers.


The course is called: Listen Up! Your Body Is Speaking! It is a four week course that gives you


  • A sneak peek into the 5 elements in Chinese medicine
  • A fun way to figure out what elements are strongest in you
  • Info on how the elements show up in your health
  • A meditation that will help you start to converse with your body
  • Worksheets for changing habits and setting goals
  • A Facebook group for sharing, learning and helping


I knew that I would love this course but now that it is really coming together, I cannot hide my excitement. It is my hope that I can help to create a community of empowered patients who get better faster, no matter what healing modality they choose. Patients will get better faster because they will understand what their bodies are saying through the various signs and symptoms seen through the 5 element framework. And if patients are feeling unsure, I want them to have the tools to check in with themselves in order to feel sure.


So, I have used this summer to create something I love in the hopes that it will be helpful to the world at large. Now, the remainder of this summer will be for fun and enjoyment! I leave on my long vacation in a couple weeks and I can’t wait. Then, come mid September, when everyone is starting to get in a groove again the course will be released.


If you aren’t on my mailing list, now is the time to join!


You don’t want to miss the role out of this course, I promise. 😉



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