And the year draws to a close.

At the beginning of this year, I had no idea if I would be able to write a post every week. It turns out that I can AND that I love it.

For the end of the year round up, I wanted to share the links of the most read and commented blog posts of 2017.

I Turned 35. Now You Have To Read About What I Learned.

Rituals: Even The Smallest Of Them Calm The Heart

The 8 Glasses A Day Conspiracy: How Much Should You Drink?

Inspired By India: Everything Will Fall Apart If I Don’t Effort (Or Will It?)

Inspired By India: Let The Yoga Begin

Inspired By India: Catharsis. She’s a bitch

Life Lessons From My Father

Inspired By India: Day 1

Inspired By India: Paranormal phenomena; This Ish Just Got Real

Stop The BS

Thanks for being here and thanks for reading.

Happy New Year, folks.




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