It’s a thing now, right? The big birthdays lead to big reflections. Well, I jumped on the band wagon. I turned 35. Don’t expect too much, it’s just a list. I’m busy celebrating. 🙂

  1. Leading by example is key
  2. Love wholly
  3. Trust and believe
  4. You really can’t have everything, and that’s ok
  5. You can have more than you dreamed of
  6. Relationships are 100/100, not 50/50
  7. Do your yearly check ups. All of them.
  8. Learn to gain compassion for self and others
  9. Some people you just gotta let go
  10. Some people you should have tried harder for
  11. Dress to your body type
  12. Chopping veggies is a serious life skill
  13. Done is better than perfect
  14. Clarity comes from action
  15. No one cares about your business
  16. Noticing nice things about people matters
  17. Positive sandwich
  18. Habits cannot be broken
  19. The safer you feel, the more creative you are
  20. Dogs are better than people
  21. People everywhere are the same
  22. People everywhere are different
  23. Culture matters
  24. Sometimes fixing yourself isn’t enough
  25. You are the company you keep
  26. If you meet an asshole in the morning…
  27. Airplanes are small. Don’t be a dick.
  28. Be nice to the people that do the shit jobs.
  29. When you can afford business class, buy it.
  30. More expensive stuff doesn’t mean better stuff
  31. Cheap stuff costs you twice as much in the long run
  32. You can’t be afraid to look at yourself
  33. Being outside in nature is necessary
  34. Sarcasm and passive aggressiveness… need to go.
  35. Everything is connected.


There it is. My 35 years on earth broken down into a list.


What are your top three lessons? Write them in the comments below.

Now that I’ve already learned the above, it’s time to get cranking on some new material. 😉




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