I was a bartender through college. And I was damn good at it. Slingin drinks in short shorts till the wee hours was fun and I loved walking out with cash in hand at the end of the night. The people I worked with turned into family. I could count on them no matter what at all hours of the night. It was during that time that I made up “The Vacation Drink”. The Vacation Drink was a horrible concoction. It tasted the way coconut sunscreen smelled. My besties and I (namely the Vosen sisters) drank it out of plastic coconuts with umbrella straws for days. Yes, that picture is of me and Kirsten, vacation drink in hand circa 2003.

This was a time that I was studying to be a practitioner of Chinese medicine. I was studying acupuncture, herbs, tai chi, cupping, nutrition and more during the day.


At night, I slung drinks and slurped up cocktails. Because, balance. Or something.


As I write this, it is a Wednesday night, 14 years after this picture was taken. I am laying on the couch in our office. My husband is at soccer and I just finished a 10 minute pilates video followed up by a 30 min Yin Yoga. I did the Yin Yoga with Carole Westerman on Yogaglo. And I remembered. Again. I remembered how great Yin Yoga really is and I remembered how much I need stillness and melting over struggling and efforting.  She asked us to imagine our favorite vacation spots while holding poses. It brought me to thinking about how I like to vacation most these days. My favorite trips over the past few years have been bike trips with my husband or yoga trips to India. I don’t need (or even want) a vacation of vacation drinks because that doesn’t regenerate me. 

I know, I know, I learned this again just a few weeks ago. How quickly our minds and bodies lead us off track. Just today, for dinner, I ate Ben and Jerry’s. It was delicious but I feel better now after these two practices than I did after that ice cream, I’ll tell ya that. Then again, after doing those practices, I mind less that I had that ice cream. I feel pretty good and will happily drink tea before bed. Balance.. or something.


If you’ve been following along lately:


I’ve been trying to figure out why we make decisions that aren’t in line with the way we picture our ideal lives.


I mean, I can choose active, regenerating vacations instead of vacation drinks – but I have a harder time choose broccoli over ice cream. Today, I started considering that we are thinking too much about what we need to subtract from our lives instead of what we would like to add to it. Maybe, just maybe, it would be easier to let some crappier stuff go if we were more full of good stuff. Maybe, if we felt so satisfied with the good stuff, we’d be less inclined to have ice cream for dinner or drink that diet soda that we’ve been trying to get rid of.


Also.. maybe if we focused on more beneficial stuff instead of stressing over the rest, our bodies would have an easier time digesting Ben and Jerry’s if that was the choice of the evening. 




Thoughts? I need you guys on this one!




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