I can be so dysfunctional. I’ve used my word of the year method instead of resolutions for some time now. Choosing a theme instead of setting resolutions that I’m not going to keep anyway works better for me. I love it and it has enriched my life. That being said…


[tweet_dis]there is nothing like the beginning of the year to make you feel like you have to make goals anyway.[/tweet_dis]


So far, today (January 2nd), I have:

  • Set a goal (and made a spreadsheet) to fit in 250 Pilates workouts this year, even 5 minutes counts. I did the first one already.
  • Set my platejoy menu to be a 30 day cleanse (and then had banana sponge cake for a snack)
  • Looked for a mastermind group / coaching to help me continue to grow my business
  • Booked 2 calls for above mastermind / coaching
  • Bought another book, started another course
  • Decided that I will write my goals down each night for the next day (yeah, because consistency is usually my thing…)
  • Reminded myself to organize my tax papers by the end of the week. Seriously.
  • Decided that Pilates isn’t enough and I need to start running and doing yoga again.
  • Chanted at the moon and decided I should do a full moon ritual every month
  • Stressed out about what I am going to write next (I have a list of ideas a mile long).
  • Set an income goal for the year




So yeah, if you decided to jump on my F New Year’s Resolution bandwagon and you found yourself judging yourself anyway and searching for EVERY possible improvement you could make… you’re not alone.


I am writing this list down after I type this to you. Then I am promptly burning it.


Not because I don’t want to be healthier, more in shape, smarter, better and all that jazz but because ALL THE PRESSURE is just too damn much.


It’s back to appreciation. Gratitude. Stillness. Meditation. When my brain gets noisy and I get anxious, my answer is stillness. If you know me personally, you know that still isn’t my natural speed. I’m a fire energy according to Chinese medicine and it’s noticeable. So stillness is a challenge for me but if I didn’t have it, I’d never be able to write.


In order to blog, write articles, speak, make videos, podcasts or anything of the sort, I need to feel still and clear. I don’t need knowledge. I need access to wisdom. The wisdom that we all share that is hidden under our to do lists, our resolutions and our goals.


So, if you’ve made yourself mental already with resolutions you aren’t going to keep… write that ish down and burn it.

Get still, sister.

Get still and let your heart guide you.





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