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” We can only reach the highest heights, if we encourage each other”

Lailah Gifty Akita

I help people move away from being overwhelmed by their health to living a life that is naturally health engendering, on the levels of mind, body, and soul.

Even in business, your health is your most important asset. When your health is interrupting your business, job, family life, or personal life, it’s time to get on it and create a life that heals. Together, we can do just that. Below, I’ll give you three options to work with me and if you’re unsure, just book a free 20 minute consultation, you’ll find the link at the bottom of this page.

Figure Out What's wrong

Gain a sense of hope, confidence, and control when you discover the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual reasons behind your health issues. You will be given exercises to address each of these sections of your life. I see the dots and causes, and can get to the root of what’s going on for you WAY quicker than you could do it yourself. That’s because I have over a decade of 1:1 experience with patients, a killer intuition, and a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine to boot.

You should choose this if you are a self propelling go getter who can take this information and run with it. If you trust yourself to work with the information you receive on your own, let’s do this.


Make a clear, customized self care plan

A clearer head. More energy. Better sleep. Easier emotional management. A clear path toward creating a life that heals on the levels of mind, body, and soul. That’s just the beginning of what a whole month of work can accomplish.

Call 1: Get to know the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual factors that are affecting your health.  We will do a full health assessment and Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Also, you will receive a personalized mantra to use for the month (at least ;)).

Call 2: Face Reading. Gain a new insider’s view to yourself. By learning your health personality, natural tendencies, and needs, we create the space for you to be gentler with yourself while you create a life that heals. If you’re stuck living a life based on someone else’s ideas that aren’t really working for you, this is where we sort out who YOU are and what lifestyle works best for you. This is super fun and easier than you think!

Call 3: Intuition Building. I don’t want you to need me forever. This week, you learn the ins and outs of how to listen to what your body is saying. Together, we will develop a long term plan for you to be able to recognize the signs that it is time for an adjustment and give you the tools you need to figure out what that adjustment should be.


supercharged DEEP DIVE health overhaul

Do you need a complete health do over? Are you at the point where you are afraid to lose a job, your business, or a relationship because of your health? Have you hit a wall with western medicine and you’re not sure where to turn?

Right here.

We start with a total health overview, a deep dive, that can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on need. You will have a chance to tell your whole story, start to finish with a promise of my full, rapt attention. We will dig into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that may have had a part in your current health situation’s story. This is your chance to finally be heard, listened to, and believed.

And then we begin the work.

We will discover your health personality in depth. You will learn your core limiting beliefs and be given exercises to work through them. You will receive a personalized meditation, recorded for you by me, to be used daily for the purpose of healing and becoming whole again.

I will help you to figure out what alternative methods will be most beneficial to you and will help you find the right practitioners to work with. I will gift you the books you need (in e-book or hard copy format, of your choosing) for your development.

At the end of three months, you will be NEW. You will be ENERGIZED. You will be in CONTROL. And you will be busy creating a life that heals.


have a question?

Let me help you figure out which program is best for you.

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what happy clients say

Not only have my energy levels increased dramatically but my digestion is working so much better. My overall awareness of my body and the symptoms I had and how it affected other things have increased as well. Caitlin sees everything as connected and it was very validating to have a professional who listened. I have been to other acupuncturists in China and elsewhere and no one measures up to Caitlin, she exceeded my expectations far and beyond with her treatments and her honest caring and kind manner. Where other doctors or specialists had dismissed my concerns and symptoms, Caitlin treated my whole body.


I was struck by your presence and love. I don’t find that often online, it’s rare. And I trusted you and felt you were really with me. That’s rare for me. I was very touched by you. That also doesn’t happen so easily and so quickly. So I am intrigued. You could run a ” Presence online course” !