A glass jar can be your key to unlocking your powerful intuition.

Do you often make decisions that you regret? Agree to plans that you really don’t want to participate in? Take on responsibilities that feel like a giant burden to you? Feel stuck making sure everyone is alright around you and wondering when and how someone is going to wonder about you? You might need a way to check in with your intuition to make better choices for yourself!

This is a simple and fun game that allows you to reunite with the ways that your intuition tries to talk to you. By playing this game, you will gain deeper insight about what is actually best for you in different situations. The more you use your jar and your intuition the more fun you have and the healthier you are because you are making choices that strengthen and support you instead of drain you. It will give you confidence that you are making the right choice, thus making it easier to inform others of your decisions, even when they might be unpopular.

Tosha Silver introduced me to the idea of a ‘God Jar’ in her book “Outrageous Openness”. The concept is simple and amazingly effective. When you have an issue (or 500) that is constantly occupying time and space in your mind/body/emotions, you write down the issue on a piece of paper and then put it in the jar. At this point, your work is done. You have now officially handed over the job of ‘fixing’ this situation to God (or the Universe or whomever you like best) and you no longer have to think on it. If it returns to you, write it down again and promptly give it away. Repeat as often as necessary.

I love this idea because it has worked for me as just a concept without an actual paper or jar to be found. The idea that there could be a jar and I could write something down that I need help solving is often enough to allow me to release that particular issue into the ether and wait patiently for a solution.

What I ask of you now is that you take this idea and modify it slightly to get back in touch with those smart body signals that you’ve possibly neglected.

  1. Pretend (seriously, just play make believe) that this jar is the source of your intuition.
  2. Write down your problem, place it inside of the jar.
  3. Ask the jar what you should do next.
  4. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!! Pay attention to the sensations in your body. Write them down. Pay attention to any words that keep repeating in your head. Write them down. Pay attention to your dreams that evening – if you remember them, write those down too! As soon as the problem goes in the jar, trust that your intuition will give you the right answer… and then listen.

Don’t worry about getting it right, especially not a first. You’ve likely been overriding your intuition’s communication with you for a number of years. She might need a little coaxing and trust to return to the spotlight.

This is likely to feel better than you imagine right now. When your intuition is strong, life flows more easily. You will struggle less and spend less time in situations that don’t serve you in one way or another because you know how to listen.

You deserve this. No matter what stage of life you are in, you deserve this. You deserve to feel more ease and trust. You deserve more time ‘in the flow’. You deserve the confidence that this breeds.

Open that jar, put in that paper and listen to your powerful intuition. You deserve it.