Hey Besties!

I want you to take small steps with me today. I’ve already posted about Robin Long briefly. She is a great pilates instructor that teaches through online videos and is big on alignment and correct posture. She explains things very clearly and has a 21 day course available for $79.00. It’s 10 minutes a day and you can repeat it and repeat it.. once you buy it, it’s yours.

I just started, today and I think that you should join me because together is better and 10 minutes a day is doable.

Here’s the link: 21 Days Of Pilates with Robin Long

You already know how I feel about making major changes, but in case you missed it, I’ll repeat. I focus on a method of Kai Zen with my patients. The method of Kai Zen is focused on making the smallest, easiest changes that you can and allowing those to become habits BEFORE you make any other changes. This bypasses your body’s fear around changes and allows you to avoid self sabotage.

Have you ever found yourself deciding to start a super strict diet, an exercise routine and meditate daily – ALL AT THE SAME TIME? Talk about pressure! That never works, not for me anyway. Choose one thing and focus on it. Make that one thing happen. You will feel successful and it WILL lead to other changes.

Small steps are the best steps.

Even though I know these things, I still try and convince myself to push it. I did day 1 of the 21 day challenge just now and my head is trying to convince me that I need to give up sugar at the same time because THEN, THEN, the big changes will come and I will REALLY notice the effect. I am calling BS on myself today. BS BS BS. Right now, this is the only health change that I will focus on. If something else improves because I am feeling good and confident because of my new routine, great – but I will let that arise organically instead of trying to force it in to being.

SO – who’s in? When will YOU start? Or maybe you have another idea for a small change you can make over the same time period. If you’ve been mulling over starting something, choose to start today. Even just for a few minutes. Commit to ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY!!  I’ll be on the mat doing pilates for the rest of the month – what will you be doing?