I don’t know if true witches would be annoyed at me calling myself a witch, but here goes nothing. In my mind, being a witch means being aware, being awake, and paying attention. Not only to your ego’s need to shine but to your inner light’s ability to guide you, to the stars and moon, to the energy around you.

I would say that I don’t cast spells, but that’s not entirely true. Spells are affirmations, chants, and mantras and I definitely use all of those. There is a major discomfort in me that sits in my chest and causes my cheeks to flare red with embarrassment when I talk about things like this to people who don’t know.

I don’t feel like I can be afraid of that anymore, so I’m coming out, as a witch, in today’s world.

Witch, energy worker, light worker, bullshit detector – whatever word you’d like to use is fine. The actual word isn’t important to me. Here’s what is.

When I work with you, I can feel what is happening in your body. I feel it, physically, in my body. When I am open, I can feel your emotions, so much so that it took me years to realize that they were not my own. When it is necessary, your ancestors, guides, and helpers leave messages in my brain – on repeat until I tell you about them.

When I say on repeat, I literally hear the same phrase 738 times over, until i say it outloud and then it keeps repeating until you get the message, until I feel the shift in you that the words are meant to cause.

You make me tired sometimes. Your body is exhausted. Your connections are weakened because you don’t listen. The cries for help, that are so obvious on the outside, are largely ignored by you. Even when you think you are listening, even when you think you are aware – you’re often missing the point.

This is when I serve you best.

My ability to take the woo woo and unweird it for you makes it accessible and understandable. The lengthy background that I have using Chinese medicine as a mode of healing through acupuncture and herbal medicine gives me an interesting platform from which to view and interact with your energy.

Ever since high school, I was the one people came to for advice. I wasn’t really a true part of any one group, but I was a small part of many groups. I understand people. I can play devil’s advocate in nearly every situation. I can show you the other side, a different view, an alternate filter that you might need in order to let go and move through a painful time – mentally, physically, or spiritually.

And this is what I want to do for you most in the online space. When you are totally spent, you’ve run out of fucks, and you are standing with cement blocks as your feet, I want to break the cement and help you take the first little step forward. That first little step toward feeling like yourself again, toward listening to yourself again, toward building boundaries, protecting yourself properly, and being more open to inner guidance at the same time.

I want for you to feel like life is a playground, not an Ironman that never ends. I want for you to trust yourself. I want to see you proud of yourself for staying within your own alignment, your own integrity. I want you to know that I hear you, I see you, I believe you. That I’m on your side but if you fall into old patterns that aren’t serving you, I will call you out. I don’t believe in cheerleading just for the sake of it. I’m not your cheerleader. I’m your witch.

We work together to shift energy, to shift awareness. That requires honesty that most of your friends and family won’t share with you – and if they do – you won’t hear it anyway. I find ways in. I don’t mind that you’re a labyrinth, I like the challenge.

So, what have you got for me? 🙂