a.k.a. Piercings Aren’t Messing With Your Energy Body

I can’t even believe I’m writing about this, but it’s come up a couple times recently, so it needs to be addressed.

I had a question recently through my facebook page – a mother was asking if I performed ear piercings because she was concerned that a piercer would use a point that was an acupuncture point and that it would have an adverse effect on her daughters future health.

Then. I found an article by another acupuncturist which I won’t post here because I don’t want anyone to read because it’s complete nonsense.

He was saying that having a belly button piercing would interfere with fertility. Let me tell you something real quick – in the fertility world, we have bigger fish to fry (long term use of birth control, hormones in food, the amount of sugar in our diets, inflammation in the body…. just to name a few). His logic was f’d up for 2 reasons.

1. Your energetic body isn’t as static as your physical body appears. This basically means that if there is a physical change in the physical body, the energy will find a work around. The energy isn’t becoming stagnant around your piercing once it’s healed. It just finds another route. (This means daith piercings for migraines don’t work).

2. He was claiming it was an issue because the belly button is an acupuncture point that is forbidden to needle. We use it for cupping or moxa only. This is true. However, has he seen a belly button ring lately? They are in the skin above the belly button, not pierced into the skin INSIDE the belly button. So, yeah, um, okay.

So, relax. There are much bigger issues in the world to deal with than ear and belly button piercings. These aren’t the things that are going to ruin your health or make it hard to conceive.

If you run across crazy stories like these, please feel free to forward them to me for confirmation. I’m happy to do a little digging for you and set the record straight.

That’s all.