Recently, I was chatting with my husband about the fact that it is hard for me to find a balance between being direct and being soft. Then it came up again in conversation with my sister. It’s easy for me to find the balance in the treatment room with patients. It’s much harder online when you cannot see my face, hear my tone, feel my energy.

If you know me personally, you know that I’m not going to let you get away with bullshitting me (or yourself). That being said, I can hold your hand and cry with you for awhile. I can meet you where you are – it’s one of my best talents. When it’s called for, I am going to coax you out of your hiding. I won’t let you stay there, hidden, when it doesn’t serve you (or your health) anymore. For a glimpse of what it might feel like, read what Ewa had to say about me:

I reach out for Caity’s help when:

  • I have a body condition which I suspect has more to do with my MIND and SOUL than solely with my body
  • I am fed up with reading self-help books and motivational quotes and I am ready for a REAL TRANSFORMATION
  • I need someone who will not sweet-talk me but who will see through my BS and will tell me the TRUTH. But she will do that while sitting next to me on the floor, crying with me and HOLDING MY HAND.
  • When I need a spiritual person who KNOWS beyond the facts and SEES beyond material things to tell me WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WHOLE TAPESTRY OF MY LIFE AND BEYOND
  • When I need to find my way back to my LIFE’S PURPOSE
  • When I am fed up with judging and patronizing narrow-minded experts and instead I need a LOVING FRIEND who sees me, I mean the WHOLE OF ME – my body, mind and soul and who really CARES about my continuous growth
  • I need a mentor who’s READ IT ALL, TRIED IT ALL and still has no prejudices or biases. Who distinguishes only between things which feel TRUE and FAKE.
  • I want my HEALING to be FUN and full of light-hearted laughter
  • I need someone who has travelled the world, has been successful in business and in personal life, who’s determined enough to heal herself from supposedly incurable conditions and who from the point of her INTEGRITY will tell me: YOU CAN DO IT!


This is what you get when you work with me.

I will hold your hand and call you out on your BS at the same time. I will listen deeply to your concerns but I won’t let you hide or lie. I will be honest and straightforward in whatever way I need to get you to listen. That means joking, laughing, being abrupt or being gentle if that’s what the moment calls for. I do it all with a huge amount of love.

If that sounds like something that you need… you should book a 20 minute “SAVE ME FROM MY HEALTH” call.

It’s free.

You chat for 15 minutes. I’ll chat for 5. You’ll leave with a clearer view on how to be healthier day by day in a way that suits your life and your goals. I’ll give you 3 actions steps to take: 1 for your physical body, 1 for your spiritual self, and one for your emotional / mental health.


There are limited places, so grab one now.

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