Eudaemonia is defined as happiness or welfare; however, Wikipedia tells us that “human flourishing” has been proposed as a more accurate translation.


Norwegian researchers found that highly successful athletes (and we all know they’ve got a bunch of them… just count those Olympic medals! 39!!!) cannot reach their state of success without being generally satisfied with their lives and other accomplishments aside from their athletics accomplishments. The more interested and engaged an athlete was in life overall lead to being more interested and engaged during a competition which lead to a better performance.


This is exactly what I believe to be the key issue in health that not many people are addressing. Yes, we talk about mind body work but are we really looking at a person’s whole life – internal and external – and then deciding how to shift things to create a better environment for healing? We talk about happiness and positive thinking (you all know how I feel about that already) but this isn’t about happiness. This is about curiosity, interest, and being invested in improving. 

It is SO MUCH EASIER to be healthy when you are interested in and curious about your life. [tweet_dis]Your body performs at a higher level when you are engaged and immersed.[/tweet_dis]


So, how do you become an engaged and immersed person?

One of the most common tools used in life coaching is called the Wheel of Life. It is a simple drawing and the idea is that you take this picture and fill in each section to the degree with which you are satisfied. So, if you are perfectly satisfied with your health, you would color that whole triangle 100% all the way up to the word health. Then, you go through the whole wheel, section by section.
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Then, take a look at the shape of your wheel and decide how easy or hard it is to drive through life on that shape. Don’t get too down on yourself. Most of them look wonky! 

Once you look at your wonky wheel, get curious and choose ONE area that you’d like to focus on to improve, for instance, health. Decide 3 things that you’d like to do in order to improve that area (maybe: drink more water, have a regular sleep time, decrease sugar intake) and then complete the following statement for each of the remaining areas:

Once my Health is improved, it will effect my Money by being able to work more efficiently because I will be less cloudy headed.

Once my Health is improved, it will effect my Romance by giving me the energy to engage with my partner since I won’t be so tired at the end of the day.


Once my Health is improved, it will effect …. and so on and so on. 🙂


This, my friends, is how to increase your overall interest and engagement with your life bringing to a state of eudaemonia (I just LOVE that word) which will spill over into all your endeavors making you perform at your best and enjoying it as much as possible!

I’ll give you 39 gold medals once you complete this exercise. 😉



P.S. I am currently working on my own state of Eudaemonia in northern Finland without access to electricity, running water, or internet (ya know, the three life forces) so, please, comment away but please know I won’t respond before 25.03.2018.

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