Face Reading. A piece of Chinese medicine, an art that was nearly lost until Lillian Pearl Bridges learned the ins and outs from her grandmother who gladly passed on her wisdom. Face reading, according to Lillian, face reading uses the shape of the facial features and the changes in the face over time to help people get in touch with their true nature and apply it to their lives so they can live out their Golden Path.

Your Golden Path is your life purpose combined with your unique way of existing in the world. When you have the knowledge that face reading provides, it is easier to make life decisions that are in alignment with your true nature.

So, what does a face reading look like?

Face reading uses the relative size of the main facial features to help determine the dominant or primary element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water). For instance, if you have a particularly large mouth with thick lips, there is a strong chance that your dominant element is Earth. This would mean that you are generous, a caretaker, and enjoy luxurious things (in additional to an entire book of other info :)). Every person has all 5 elements within them, no matter what, it is simply a question of degree. By learning your primary and secondary elements, you will gain insight into your natural way of being in the world and the things you need to do to maintain balance.

Then, if you look at the side of the face, you gain insight into the decision making process in each person. We break the face up into thirds and the the largest third (top, middle, or bottom) lets us know whether you make decisions based on facts, practicality, or emotions. This is extremely useful for sales people and very helpful to learn about how to talk to your partner about major life decisions. Some people need charts and some people need a gut feeling. If you learn this about yourself, you can rely on your strongest decision making area and trust yourself instead of trying to make decisions in a way that doesn’t work for you.

There is also a way to let us know how much life energy you are using, if the energy that you’ve used so far is on par with your age or if you are underusing or overusing your energy. This is great information because it allows you to learn to manage your energy in a more beneficial way. Some people have more, some people have less. Some people have overused and some people have underused (which is just as damaging for the body!).

The whole process is done in an hour and can give you a lifetime of insight. I love using the basics of face reading to help people restructure their lives according to themselves so that they can drop the templates that have been passed onto them by parents, siblings, coworkers, and society. There is really no ONE right way to do anything. The right way is the way that works for you best.

I have had students in my intro to face reading class and people that I have done face readings for tell me that I saved their lives and marriages. There is nothing better than understanding who you are (and who someone else is). It helps you to create enough space for you to be and act as you are and for other people to be and act as they are. Once you understand that your husband is Metal and you are Earth, you’ll know that his orderliness isn’t about you. You maybe even enjoy clutter and he wants clean surfaces. This can be balanced out if you know and understand each other!

Want to know what your dominant element is?

Lucky you, I made you a quiz! Grab a mirror and head here to find out!



P.S. Lillian Bridges has an amazing book on face reading called Face Reading In Chinese Medicine (Second Edition) that you can buy here.

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