Feeling like you’re out of ideas? When you do something like I do – producing a blog, facebook posts, facebook lives, and a newsletter every week, it can be hard to stay connected to your creativity. I am lucky to be easily inspired by books, patients, conversations with friends and like. But my downfall? Being distracted by the wonders of the internet. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Hours. Wasted.

It is a terrible thing to admit, but I fall down the scrolling rabbit hole more often than I’d like to admit.

This winter, I had an opportunity to completely unplug. My husband and I planned an extreme cross country skiing adventure in northern Finland where we would be unable to connect with the outside world for 6 full days. No electricity. No running water. No internet connection. Yes, those areas of the globe still exist and they are glorious. To say I was looking forward to it was an understatement. I was happy to see the sights and catch a glimpse of the northern lights but I was even happier to not have the ability to scroll for 6 days. I knew this was majorly important even before we started our journey north.

And then this happened. We got there. Phones off. Batteries dead. And I didn’t even WANT to scroll. Not once over the course of the week did I have a desire to ‘see what was up’ on facebook. We were so separate from the outside world that it seemed completely absurd to glance in on what everyone was up to from this place of quiet serenity. I was even glad to not have my nails painted because anything that was unnatural on this trip seemed clownlike.

I didn’t make any notes of my thoughts. I didn’t jot down any blog post ideas. I just was. And since we got back? I cannot stop creating. I am not at a loss for ideas or inspiration. I am clear headed and ready for whatever is coming next. I was in a state of near constant awe for 6 full days. That was 3 months ago now and I can still feel the deep breaths that were possible only when I was gazing at the horizon between the white snow and the blue sky.

And. I’m scrolling as much as I used to. I’m not going to lie and tell you that I turned a new leaf and am back in the world and free of the scrolling monster. I love scrolling and I’m using it. What has changed is my ability to let it go when it’s time to write, to plan, to create. I scroll absentmindedly all the time but right now, as I’m writing this? My wifi is off, my phone notifications are off. I am here, in a cafe with a cappuccino, my dog, and you.

So, if you find yourself attacked by the scrolling monster and you know you’d like to be creating something – try turning yourself off for a minute. Throw everything into airplane mode, set a timer (25 minutes works great for me) and get down to business, distraction free. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do.