First, before we start, I’d like to thank everyone for the great feedback from last week’s podcast episode over at The Confidence Academy with Lilli Badcock. (Here’s the link in case you missed it).


Even as soon as we finished recording the episode in November, I started thinking about how I could expand upon the info that I shared with you during that hour. Then, as fate would have it, I was guided through another great conversation with my bestie, Ewa.


First: A little background… Ewa wrote a book about Jungian personality types and this is a topic she knows inside and out like no on else. Her big dream is that more and more people will learn this simple system so that we can talk to each other with more understanding and patience and less sarcasm and contempt. It’s a lofty goal, but if anyone can make it happen, it’s her. (Get excited because her book is coming out in English in 2018!!)


Years ago, Ewa and I started a business together, Fertility Coaching Center. We worked with small groups of women (and couples) who were struggling with the journey to motherhood. We loved it and we complemented each other well. At Ewa’s request (and to my delight.. I LOVE personality tests), we both did the Jungian personality test to see how we could continue to best work with one another.


At that time, we didn’t have one overlapping area of our personalities. I was completely on the right and Ewa totally on the left. We laughed and laughed about this but since this moment, growing our friendship has proven to be an amazing series of life lessons. We’ve each grown to understand that we function so differently from one another but that we can still support and encourage each other.


Currently, we are both building new businesses. Both of us, at the core, are doing the same work as we did before but with a more spiritual twist. My driving force is the big picture goal: The number of women I’ll help, the ability to work more online to have the ability to travel more, the charities I will be able to support, the website I’ll have and the book I’ll write.


Ewa’s driving force? Exactly the opposite. The next right step. The next woman she will help. The way she’ll feel doing her work today. I do well with a little pressure. Ewa does well with more stability. I need big visions and dreams. Ewa needs to know that right now, she is helping who she needs to help. We were talking about this the other day and it hit me:


[tweet_dis]So many of you have anxiety because you are playing the game according to someone else’s rules![/tweet_dis]


If I was to think ONLY about the next step, I would feel anxious that I am not nearing a goal. If Ewa was ONLY thinking about the big picture, she would be totally overwhelmed with what it would take to get there.


So, I would recommend doing a few personality tests, working with a coach, do whatever you have to do to have a clear vision of who you are and how you work best. It may be just this simple life hack that is keeping you from living with WAY less anxiety and WAY more pleasure. You gotta do you! The way you walk through life needs to feel natural and normal to you – it makes everything easier, even the hard stuff.


Not sure where to start?


Here’s a few ideas:


Enneagram Personality Test

Strengths Finder

Myers Briggs


If you need help finding a coach to work through anxiety issues and finding clarity, email me! Finding the person that resonates with you is of the utmost importance. So, only work with someone if you like their vibe! 🙂


As per usual, if you think someone in your life needs this message, send it to them right away! Don’t wait. Seriously. Do it now. Copy the link and send it over, you could save someone from themselves 😉