I won’t be another voice today telling you that plastic use needs to come down, our oceans need to be cleaned up and that we waste too much food. Today, I’m writing a love letter to the earth. An expression of gratefulness and awe for all that I have seen.

Dear Earth,

You’ve been good to me. From the smell of frangipani flowers in Bali to the blooming lilac in my mother’s yard, you’ve shared your scents with me, asking nothing in return.

You’ve been good to me. From the Yellow Mountains of China to the Green Mountains of Vermont, you’ve let me walk, hike, run, and ski over your surface.

You’ve been good to me. From the ancient forests that raised my husband to the beauty of the Czech national parks, you’ve shown me what it means to be truly beautiful.

You’ve been good to me. From the tundra of Finland to the Inca Trail, you’ve taught me that I am strong and resilient.

You’ve been good to me. From the calle of Buenos Aires to the streets of Prague, you’ve given me a love greater than I could have imagined.

You’ve been good to me. From the bike paths of Bornholm to the wine covered hills in Balaton, you’ve let me cruise along and soak up your glory.

You’ve been good to me. From the home I was gifted to the homes I have created, you’ve taught me that true home is internal and is carried with me wherever I go.

Earth, you’ve been good to me and I promise to be good to you too.




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