I swear, it’s not mine, although you should listen to that too!

I love podcasts more and more as time goes on and this one is consistently my favorite. Recently, I listened to Eric Zimmer, the host of The One You Feed podcast do an interview with Anne Bogel. This episode (which you can find here) was totally up my ally.

Anne is an expert on: Personality Tests!!!! YAY!!!! You should all know by now how much I love personality tests. They can be so amazingly helpful for growth when they are used well. In this episode, Anne explains how that’s best done. You should have a listen (and get her new book while you’re at it, the info is on episode page!).

When I was listening, I was struck by the fact that the results from personality tests are often slightly off because we answer questions how we think they SHOULD be answered, not always being honest with ourselves about our true tendencies and behaviours. This is what I love so much about the chinese face reading system of personalities. There’s nothing for you to answer – it’s all right there on your face! If you’ve got big ears, you’ve got big ears!

The other thing that I realized that I love about face reading personalities is that it is obvious and inherent in the system that each person has all 5 personality types – it is simply a question of degree. This eliminates the ‘getting stuck in your result’ danger of other personality tests. In the interview, Eric and Anne mentioned that it’s dangerous when people say, “Well, I’m ENFP, so I could NEVER do (x)” because it clouds people’s abilities to see themselves clearly.

Just because you have a personality type, does not mean you don’t have the ability to act a different way. In the face reading 5 element system, this is an interesting thing to talk about. The way I understand it, you can act however you want according to the elements, but acting in a way that is different from your primary / secondary elements costs you a lot of energy. So, if you can find a way to align with your primary / secondary elements, your life will be less exhausting for you because your actions cost you less energy.

This is even more interesting when we take into account the primary elements of a culture. For instance, the US is very Wood. Do Do Do, Compete, Compete, Compete. Be a Leader. So, for all the people that naturally have a lot of wood elemental energy, it’s amazing! But for people who are, for instance, Water, this is completely exhausting for them because they prefer to Be, Be, Be and Think, Think, Think.

This episode with Anne Bogel really made me think and made me appreciate one of the tools from my toolbag that much more. If you don’t know your element, feel free to take my quiz which you can find at caitdonovan.com/quiz.

If you’ve taken the quiz (and totally loved it) and now need some support getting more in depth about what it means for you in your life, book a session with me today. If you remember your quiz result and put it in as a coupon code, you’ll save 25 bucks!