Oh, resonance and dissonance. Everyone knows what this feels like in musical form. When a resonant melody hits your ear, it feels like honey dancing in the air. When someone hits a wrong chord? Your whole body reacts like that GIF of a little girl that everyone uses to say: WTF?!?

Take these same feelings and apply them to meeting someone new. When there is a flow between the two of you it feels just like that honey. It’s smooth, you vibe together, and your feel good hormones bounce in happiness. And then think about that jerk you met just yesterday who pretended he didn’t see you already waiting in line at the coffee shop and tried to sneak his way in front of you? What did your body do then? Did it recoil? Boil a little bit? That’s dissonance.

Research shows that resonance in music form improves “global and social functioning in schizophrenia and/or serious mental disorders, gait and related activities in Parkinson’s disease, depressive symptoms, and sleep quality”.

Now, what I will propose to you today is that resonance in a treatment room between patient and practitioner carries the same important as melody in a song.

That first meeting? When you come out of it you should feel like you’re dancing on floating clouds with the grace and confidence of a prima ballerina. Recently, I got this email after meeting a patient for the first time:

I want to thank you very much for your time today.
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders following our appointment. The lack of periods, my bad skin, emotional outbursts (only in the evenings might I add!), constant thirst – everything – everything that has been wrong with me for years, that I blamed myself so much for is finally clear.
It’s not my fault and its all fixable. I can’t believe it Caitlin, I’m so relieved and happy. For the last few months, I’ve started thinking that I actually might be going mad. Deep down, I knew that something was definitely wrong with me but never knowing what it was or who to talk to about it with.
You have made me feel so positive about the future, that we can do this together.

This. This is exactly how you should feel when you are working with someone to improve your health, lifestyle, career, emotional state, any of it. All of it. When your body relaxes in confidence and expands with hope, you know you’ve met a good match. This resonance that you’ve found with your practitioner allows your body to heal faster because you’ve activated your relax and regenerate nervous system. You’ve jumped off the low level stress express and waltzed into a new way of being.

Then, your next treatment time comes. You drive to the clinic, you expect to feel a certain way. Your heart and breathing rhythms cool down and your body enters that magical relax and regenerate state before you even park your car. You are primed for healing.

In fact, your body when in this state, it is ALREADY healing before we’ve even begun. That makes our time together more effective which means your health improves faster than you thought possible.

Finding a practitioner that you vibe with is of utmost importance. In this article from 2017, I named it as one of the key factors in deciding who to work with when it comes to your health. I hope this follow up article helps you to understand why this is important. It hits every level: mind, body, and soul.