(Your Major Issue) – (Your Added Drama) = Solvable Problem

Marie Forleo likes to say: “Everything is figureoutable”. I totally agree. Not only do I agree but I also have an unshakeable belief that has brought me through my life that sounds similar: “No matter what, I’m ok”.

Not: I WILL BE ok. I AM ok. Right now, in the midst of whatever drama this is. When I’m caught up in the soup of first world problems that I’m swimming in, I’m ok. Get this. You are too.

Ooooh, I know there’s a piece of you that just internally screeched! “But I’m NOT Okay! I have (insert major issue here)!” Pinch yourself, you’re dreaming. I’m not suggesting that whatever you are going through is easy, I’m simply suggesting that in this moment, this very one right now while you are reading (or listening!), you are, in fact, OK.

How do I know?

Because I have heard every story under the sun. I’ve witnessed people go through things you cannot even imagine and be OK. The most un-OK part of you is the shit you’re making up about the situation you are in. It’s the stories you are telling yourself COULD happen. It’s the emotional drama that you’re adding to the situation to justify behaviors and decisions.

What happens when you subtract all the noise from the actual facts of your major issue? It turns out to be a solvable problem, every time. You might not know what the outcome will be but you know what the next right step is. It might be minuscule and seem insignificant, but it’s a step, in a direction. That’s all that matters.

When working with me, we work on normalization.


Together, we remove the drama so that you can see your situation clearly, the drone shot from above, no clouds to obscure your view. Because you tell yourselves LOADS of untrue stories every day, you spend a lot of time reacting to those stories that don’t even exist outside of your brain.

Those stories gain truth and importance the more you repeat them. You start to believe the BS you made up and it creates a haze that blocks you from seeing any sort of possible outcomes aside from the one that is most dramatic. Even in the most dramatic outcome, you’re still ok.

Once in a while, the most dramatic outcome actually happens and then you file that away so you can take it out next time as PROOF! “See! It was a disaster last time, that means it’ll always be a disaster!” You forget about the fact that it was a disaster and you’re still ok.

Nothing is always a disaster. There’s always something you can do differently, as long as you’re able to subtract Your Added Drama from Your Main Issue, you have yourself a solvable problem, every time.

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