Rant Warning!

Hashtags, they’re a thing. #treatyoself is an example of a hashtag that I think needs a makeover. What do I mean by a hashtag makeover?

Right now, if you search the hashtag #treatyoself on Instagram, you see pictures upon pictures of donuts, cronuts, milkshakes, marshmallows, oreo cheesecake cups, starbucks etc. etc. etc. Now, don’t get me twisted, I like a donut as much as the next girl. I have a sweet tooth strong enough to chew through mountains that are keeping me from sweets.

That being said . . .

Having loads of sugar, dairy, and highly processed flour is NOT “treating yourself”. It is putting your body into a state of hyperstimulation, inflammation, and adrenal fatigue. It is an okay choice to make when you accept and understand the consequences, but it is NOT a treat for your ‘self’. #treatyoself should be focused on breathing techniques, bone broth, and acupuncture treatments.

Stuffing yourself with more than enough calories for an entire day in one sitting of dessert should be titled #treatyourtastebuds and you should practice it sometimes too… because, you know, balance.

My favorite ways to really treat myself are:

*4-7-8 breathing. A simple technique that I mention often because of it’s ease and availability. There is nothing better than breathwork for free medicine. It helps to ease anxiety, improve digestion, calm your nervous system and therefore alleviate adrenal fatigue, clear your head, and even increase your brain size (no joke, check this out).

*Insight timer meditations. Insight timer is the world’s best app. It’s free for download and gives you access to loads of meditation music, guided meditation, and the like. You can filter meditations by length (under 5 minutes is even an option!), topic, speaker, and music.

*A hot bath. If you want, you can add a skin friendly essential oil to some epsom salt and mix that in to get an added benefit. A hot bath is a pure luxury and sitting in a bath that raises your body temperature, helps you burn extra calories, and helps balance blood sugar. Sign me up.

*A walk in some trees. The Japanese refer to this as: Shinrin-yoku which translates as forest bathing. There is nothing better to me than a forest that has a stream running through it. Pure Bliss. My pup, Flora, agrees.

So, if you want to #treatyourtastebuds, by all means, have at it. But let’s not confuse the dopamine rush accompanied by a sugary snack with doing things that are actually a treat for you.

What’s your favorite way to REALLY #treatyoself?