Recently, I was in Croatia on a writing retreat. What was meant to be a lazy vacation with my husband and sister turned into a solo writing retreat because, ya know, the universe wants what the universe wants.

So, I flew to Zagreb, rented a car and drove to Crikvenica on the Croatian Coast. I stayed in a friend’s apartment with glorious water views and set up a little writing spot for myself where I spent 6-8 hours a day writing about women entrepreneurs and burnout.

Since I was writing on the topic, I thought it wise to avoid burning out on writing while on my retreat, so I left the apartment for a few hours each day to eat, lay on the beach, and soak up all the goodness. On one of these such breaks, I was watching a group of men jump off the end of a dock into the crystal clear blue water.

I had, myself, just been in that water. I didn’t know when I was walking in that there was a place I could jump from, so I waded in, wincing the whole while. As soon as I saw them jumping, I thought to myself “I’m a jumper, I’d rather go all in and get the difficult part over as fast as possible instead of drawing it out” and just as soon as that through waltzed across my brain, I realized that I’m a jumper in life too.

I don’t like to wade into things and get used to them slowly. I like the experience to slap me and change the state of things immediately. I was wondering if this is related to my fire element in Chinese medicine, but I honestly don’t know (I’m doing an advanced training this month, so I’ll ask my teacher, Lillian Bridges, and let you know!). All I know is that I hate wading in, I don’t like to get used to things slowly.

So, I went back in a second time, this time walking over to the dock and diving in happily. I swam around a bit and when it was time I come out, I noticed a girl, wading in, stuck somewhere around her thighs, looking miserable (to me.. she probably thought I was crazy to jump!) and I thought, I’m definitely a jumper.

I don’t think this is the more common approach to life, but I’d love to know what the approach is among my readers. Do you prefer to take things slow, getting used to them and allowing yourself time to adjust or do you prefer to get it over with and jump right in?

I think jumping in is a reflection of my practical side – it’s faster. I don’t know if it goes deeper than that but I can’t wait to hear your comments….
So, what about you – Are you a jumper or a wader? And why?!?!?