Some things just have to be shared. This book by Jill Blakeway is one of them.

Jill Blakeway is a Doctorate level acupuncturist in NYC. She and I attended the same school in San Diego, although many years apart. She owns and runs Yinova a highly successful fertility-based practiced with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Jill personally, but I do know a kindred spirit when I see (or read) one.

This book feels like it could have come out of my own experiences. As I read through, I kept saying: Yes… yes! Yes to that too! OMG, I say the same thing all the time! Yes, that’s how I feel it too!

My favorite part? It’s written for skeptics. I love skeptics and I love Western medicine (with some caveats ;)). Jill does an amazing job in this book to take some ‘weird’ parts of Energy based medicines (acupuncture is energy medicine, as is: reiki, healing touch, qigong healing, sound healing, and more) and back them up with research that shows the possible mechanisms behind how they work.

She’ll introduce you to concepts that make so much sense you’ll be wondering why everyone isn’t walking around energy healing all the damn time. (This may save the world if we started!)

Here are my biggest takeaways:

1. First, work on yourself – she gives examples of how to boost your own healing energy at the end of every chapter. This is important because you have to be actively involved in your own healing. Your healing is not something you hand over to a doctor or a practitioner to ‘fix’. It is something that you participate in and ultimately control – even if it requires outside support.

2. When you are in need of healing, on any level, you should use all the tools that resonate with you that you have access to. Interested in acupuncture? Use it. Reiki? Use that. Have a sound healer next door? Go to them. Love listening to healing meditations on Youtube? Put those headphones in and listen! Need surgery? Get a great surgeon! Are antibiotics necessary? Great! Get a prescription and take some!

3. Don’t dismiss a possibility simply because science hasn’t found a way to explain it yet. She says: “…it is easy to attribute recoveries we don’t understand to the miraculous when, in fact, they are really just recoveries we don’t understand”. I have seen magical things happen in my office with patients. Sometimes, I know why it happened. Often, I don’t. I understand the mechanisms of acupuncture as well as is possible within the current scientific frame – but yet, it accomplishes things that seem impossible on a regular basis.

Right now, as I lay around with my left leg raised up on pillows following an Achilles rupture and subsequent surgery, I am taking a huge amount of comfort in the amount of control and influence that I have – mostly because I allow myself to believe that I will heal well.

After my Achilles ruptured, I had to decide on surgery or no surgery. As an acupuncturist, surgery isn’t my first choice normally but it is my best chance for a great recovery in this situation. I need to use the tools of Western medicine for what they’re worth!

Pre surgery, I was using acupuncture with estim (electrical impulses) daily through the tendon to speed healing. In addition, I rubbed a Chinese herbal liniment that is meant to heal physical traumas onto the Achilles 3-4x per day. During the acupuncture treatment, I listened to music designed to heal tendons that I found on Youtube. Throughout the day, I meditated, did breathing exercises and imagined a white light leaving my hands and healing my Achilles. I also am taking an internal Chinese formula that is designed to speed healing after trauma, drinking bone broth, increasing my water intake, decreasing (but not eliminating) my inflammatory food intake.

On top of all of that, I am looking for the lessons. I am taking time to write my burnout book (which I was.. hahaha… too busy to write before). I am slowing down and not pushing myself beyond reason. I am learning to ask for help and receive it with grace. I am living within the limitations of the moment and snapping myself out of pity party mode when it lasts too long.

Post surgery, the only changes are: I’m not using the liniment because I’m in a cast and my acupuncture + estim treatments are happening on the opposite leg for the same reason.

If you’ve ever wondered how this all works or what is possible in the realm of healing, read this book.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.



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