This topic isn’t going away and I get a lot of questions about it – so here goes nothin’!

I am not an expert in CBD oil or the endocannabinoid system in the body. Here’s what I know: we used to have higher levels of cannabinoids in our bodies and now we have less. There are theories that say that before hemp was outlawed in the US (in 1937), animals ate a lot of hemp and us eating meat was a source of us gaining cannabinoids.

Our levels have steadily decreased and there are people that wonder if this explains some of the pain and inflammation that more and more people seem to experience on a daily basis. I’m absolutely sure that isn’t the only reason that we’ve seen a shift but there is something to be said for the fact that this system that is meant to help us regulate pain doesn’t have the right ingredients from our diet anymore to do its job properly.

So, supplementing with a high-quality oil if you’re a person who has chronic pain isn’t the worst idea.

Then, the next problem comes in: how do you know which oils are high quality? In a recent ‘expose’ on CNN, a lab in Colorado (aptly named Mile High Lab – I loved the play on words here) tested various CBD oil products and found that just 4 of the 9 tested had the dosage on the label correct.

A few were undersellers giving you a lower dosage than claimed, but there were a few oversellers too. So, as a regular Joe consumer, what do you do?

I love the products made by Holistic Hemp (especially this one!) because as a company, they have a third party lab test each batch and then allow you to check out the results right on their website. The level of testing and transparency makes me happy.

For all of the Holistic Hemp Products that you could ever want to check out, click here (and send me a bath bomb if you’re so inclined ;)).


*Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that you pay the same amount and a small commission gets sent to me for sending you there. Within the Kamwo store, there are multiple companies that make CBD products. I stand by supporting Holistic Hemp because I really do love their products and lab standards!

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