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I Need a Change sign

If the environment is off, no amount of self improvement will fix it.

Burnout. It’s a buzzword. It’s also the core of my business. My blend of skills is suited perfectly to help people through the mental, emotional, and physical components of burnout. If that’s true – why don’t I work with every client that I have a free 20-minute chat with? We both know the chat is to find out how I can help and then what program would suit them best.

I don’t book everyone that has a free consult because sometimes, you just don’t need me. Yesterday, I had a great call with a woman who felt burnt out and a little lost about what to do. Within 7 minutes, it was obvious that her burnout was due to a particular part of her job that she has no control over. Solving this by changing her mindset or focusing on her physical self would have been a waste of both of our precious hours and her money.

The solution to her problem? Get a new job. Just short of 10 minutes, I told her, flat out that in this situation, I think that what she wants is permission to leave her job even if it’s ‘good’ for other reasons. I told her that she has my full permission, but that my permission should count for exactly diddly squat. She needs her own permission to move forward, my words were simply a catalyst.

Her response? “You hit the nail right on the head” and then she laughed to herself and I could hear her shaking her head. “That’s exactly it, that is exactly what I needed to hear”.

YAY! One mind blocked undone. My work here is finished. Sometimes, you don’t need me. Sometimes, you do. You don’t find out until you book the free call to find out. I’m not going to work with you if I don’t think that you need my help. I’m not going to work with you if we don’t have good flow. I’m going to suggest continuing with a paid program only when I know for sure that the value of the work we will do together will far outweigh the time and money you put into it.

It doesn’t take me long to figure out what’s going on. I’m great at connecting dots that you don’t see and hearing the silence between the words that means so much. I love untangling these things with you and watching as your life becomes easier and lighter.

If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time. Book the 20-minute call. Find out how things can change for you. Don’t wait until your body breaks down completely and leaves you unable to work. Let’s get in there and unravel the nonsense, cut away the bs until what we see is raw truth and simple solutions. That’s what it all boils down to.