This talk that you’ll get to listen to tomorrow with Dr. Simone Kotraba shook me. It shook me because I’ve been in the danger that she found herself in. Giving everything at work, only to come home depleted and not able to share good energy with her family.

People in helping fields, although most of us would never admit it, tend to have Saviour complexes. There’s an underlying belief that we can save… well, everyone from everything. We always have a solution, we can always give a bit more, we can always do better.

It’s exhausting, especially when you’re actually in over your head and you cannot make the difference that you’d like to make.

There are a couple of reasons you might not be able to make that difference:
1. It’s impossible for you to do it alone and you don’t ask for help or help is simply not available
2. It’s not your difference to make
3. The people that you are trying to ‘save’ don’t want/need your help

Dr. Simone found herself in an urban school setting as a vice principal who was going to give each child in her school the foundation that they needed: emotionally, physically, and mentally to be prepared for learning. While this is a noble goal, it was an impossible task and the school system doesn’t provide the resources to actually make this possible.

So, her task fell under 1. – it’s impossible to do alone and the proper help isn’t available. Within just a couple of years, Dr. Simone found herself short with her family – frustrated, tired, and unable to read that one extra book or give that one extra hug.

It was that realization that caused her to really look at the beliefs and patterns that were running her life and make a change.

Her story is inspiring and her continued passion for helping children to get an education is powerful. The full release is tomorrow, but if you’re here on this blog it’s likely because you get my weekly newsletter, which means you’ll be able to listen just after 5pm today, Monday July 22nd 😉

You’ll find her story and the podcast here:



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