by: Tracy Durrant, Business & Lifestyle Coach, Author & Speaker

Cait: HI! I’m so excited to introduce my first official guest blogger, Tracy Durrant! I met Tracy in a forum that followed B School, the online business training run by Marie Forleo. Tracy offered to help me with some background stuff back when I was starting this blog and then last year she blew me away by writing a book about burnout!

Tracy’s method that she puts forth in the book is great. As entrepreneurs, we often leave our days to happenstance. Having a clear guide, a clear plan to keep us on track definitely helps keep burnout at bay. You can buy Tracy’s book: Plan It Now! Quit The Burnout Business and Become a Creative Entrepreneur here (and, if you do it today, you can follow along as she goes through this book this week in a private facebook group. It’s all about taking action folks!).

When I asked her if she’d be willing to share a blog with us, she agreed and I love what she wrote. As usual, there will also be a podcast on the topic of this week’s blog and Tracy will be my guest! In the meantime, get to reading her words, they are helpful!

How To Delegate In 2019 And Grow Your Thriving Business by Tracy Durrant

Have you ever struggled with the concept of delegation?

Think that it’ll be easier if you figure it out and do it yourself?

So many of us struggle with delegating, I understand what that’s like, sometimes it can feel like it’ll be easier if we figure it out and do it ourselves, it can be because we’ve always approached tasks in that way (and it served us well), or maybe we’ve had a bad experience, where someone else’s help, took too long just didn’t deliver or we didn’t get the result we desired?

Think about all the reasons you choose to do it yourself, don’t you think It’s time to let all of those reasons go so you can grow and have more time doing what you truly love?

Being the only person who knows how to run your business can set you up for overwhelm and Burnout and none of us want that. In the long run, it pays off to develop Delegation skills and to get the support you need as it’s essential to growing your business. Great thing is, it doesn’t need to take long, you can get started today. In 2018, one of the best things I did was let go of some of the things I did each month, outsource, grow my team and allow more support.

In this blog, I share why delegation is key to avoiding overwhelm and how you can get started.

Getting ready to accept support & grow your business

Two common reasons why entrepreneurs do not delegate.

  1. Not sure what to delegate
  2. Not sure how to communicate that role/task to another person as you’ve always ‘just done it’ yourself.

Knowing what to delegate

“Your capacity for joy and abundance in your business and life depends on how you hone your leadership skills. While I believe it’s important to know how most things work in your business, it’s even more critical to understand who the best person is for those tasks. And often that person is not you. And that’s okay!” Taken from Plan It Now! Quit the burnout business and become a creative entrepreneur Day 6 — Focus on your Zone of Genius, Page 69

In Plan It Now! I take you through 11 business journalling prompts to help you explore your ‘Zone Of Genius’ (a term coined by Gay Hendricks in ‘The Big Leap’) in summary it means focusing your energy on the tasks you enjoy and thrive in, and being honest about the tasks, best done by someone else.

Start by making a list of all the roles, all the activities you do then decide which must be done by you and which would be better performed by someone else.

Examples of things you could delegate

  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Blog Graphics
  • Research
  • Generating Leads for new business
  • Administrative tasks
  • Day to Day Client management
  • Management of your team


Step 1: List everything you do in your business

Step 2: Select three things from your list that someone else could do better than you and take action!

Being Successful at Delegation

The next step is building and creating the right systems, so people who you delegate to understand what’s expected. Being successful at delegation means getting clear on how you’ll follow up with your team including when and how you’ll provide feedback.

There are many tools to support you in this from Google Documents, Asana, Trello or even setting up a simple Whats App group. What’s important is to choose a method that works for you and your team. Keep it simple.

For more tips on how to avoid overwhelm in your business, purchase ‘Plan It Now!: Quit the Burnout Business and Become a Creative Entrepreneur’

Whether you’re a startup business, planning to bring in a new product or service into an existing business or would like to get Clarity, this book has been written for you.

The Creative Entrepreneur who wants to grow a successful, profitable and Joyful Creative business, without the overwhelm.

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And that wraps us up for this week! I hope you got a lot from this post and I’d love for you to keep the conversation going with us by listening to the podcast!

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