To be honest, I’m not really sure. I know who I am and what I do – so that’s what I’ll share with you today.

I made up the term Burnout Coach about a year ago and since then, I’ve seen others pop up. Some people focus on nutrition, some on mindset, some on productivity. All are useful depending on what you need.

In my world, I define myself as a Burnout Coach like this:

A burnout coach is someone who provides the services of a Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, and Spiritual Guide all wrapped into one.

When this business escapade started for me, I knew that my focus was on creating sustainable customizable self-care (read: lifestyles) for individuals so they could live in a way that allows them to ride the waves of life with grace and a sense of humor and energy to spare.

I love relying heavily on my Chinese medicine skills to do a full diagnosis with each client so that I can give you herbs and other simple at-home health tricks that your average health coach won’t know. I really believe that this gives me an edge because I won’t waste your time working on your mindset when you’re foggy headed and can’t think straight. It’s a waste of our time and your money.

Just recently I had a 20-minute tea chat with a woman who, according to Chinese medicine, was too ‘damp’ to see things clearly. So, I told her not to book a paid call for at least two weeks and to drink a specific tea (perfect for her diagnosis) in the meantime so that her head could get clear.

I checked back in after two weeks and this is the email reply I got:

“You know what’s really good?  My emotions. I’m clear in my brain.  I don’t think I really understood it until now.”

And I got FULL BODY CHILLS because THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!! We hadn’t even started working together yet but now, when we do, it’ll be all action and no BS. We won’t waste any time getting to the heart of the matter because she isn’t going to be held back by foggy headedness. I LOVE IT.

There are a lot of books on self-care. There are a lot of instagram gurus giving health advice but here’s the thing: unless it is specific to exactly where YOU are right now, it might not be as helpful as you want it to be.

Then, what happens is you stop doing it because it’s not useful. Then you blame yourself for not sticking to things and you think it would have worked if you were just consistent… and then you go down the rabbit hole wondering why you can’t just ever do the things that you KNOW you need to do?!?!

Because not everything is made for you, Suzie.

It doesn’t have to be me – but if you keep running the hamster* wheel of life and you can’t seem to make the changes you need to make – find a coach or a therapist or an acupuncturist or a functional medicine pro ASAP.

If you think you need one of the above but don’t know who or what to choose – hop on a 20-minute call and I”ll help you figure out who you should be looking for. If it’s me, I’ll let you know. If it’s not I’ll recommend you to one of the amazing people that I keep in my back pocket for exactly this purpose.

Let me help you off the hamster wheel. The sooner the better. Seriously – your ability to enjoy whatever we have left of this life depends on it.



*My sister and I had a hamster named Bubba Snuffaluffagus.

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