Meet Cait


Meet Cait


Meet Cait


You don’t become the burn out queen without some personal experience. My burn out showed up in a series that looked like this: muscle fatigue –> overall fatigue –> confusion and irritation –> more coffee intake –> more irritation –> insomnia –> waking up exhausted –> Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Ugh. 

I went through it once. Felt pretty good about it too. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I knew what to do. I wasn’t about to take western meds, so I did ALL THE THINGS. I cut gluten and sugar. I took selenium and zinc and iodine. I took a thyroid boosting herbal formula. I got acupuncture. And I came out victorious! …… For about 3 years. And then the cycle started again. 

Through a combination of Chinese Medicine diagnostics, Face Reading, a killer intution, meditation techniques, yoga teacher training and more, I learned how to create a lifestyle that heals: mind, body, emotions, and soul. Your journey is unique. Your soul messages are yours and yours alone. The nudges from your body cannot go ignored another minute. Burn out is a real thing. If you need to gain energy, reduce pain, and improve your ability to focus – this is the place for you. Too many women entrepreneurs are held back from success due to feelings of exhaustion and burn out. It’s time for that era to end. The world is transforming and woman are taking back power. 

Let me help you take back yours. #burnoutbegone

You just can’t go on like this anymore.

And what’s more, you shouldn’t have to.

Here’s the thing – I know that you have big dreams and ambitions. You’re a go-getter and you know how to make things happen. It fact you’ve achieved a lot already despite those niggling health problems and feeling like crap. You should be proud of yourself!

But behind the screens, the days spent hunched over your laptop in yoga pants and unwashed hair aren’t so cute. (Yep, I see you!) Other people might like to joke about it on Instagram, but really you’re just too exhausted to do anything else. You’re not just tired from the hustle. You’re totally burnt out. 

You’re tired of powering through when you wake up exhausted, again.
You’re tired of the fomo from missed opportunities because of your health.
You’re scared that if you don’t get this health thing sorted… you’ll lose it all. 

You’re disconnected – from yourself, your business, and your people (clients and family included!)

You deserve to be able to keep up with your dreams.

I work with ambitious corporate women and successful entrepreneurs who want to prevent / recover from the burn out that is keeping them from their wildest dreams and successes. 

I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up...

I was three when I told my grandmother that I was going to be a Doctor. During elementary, middle, and high school, I kept the dream alive. All of my time was spent in Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus, I didn’t even take an art class (one of my biggest regrets). I graduated 12th in a class of 600 and was accepted with scholarship to Boston University, my dream school.

When I wasn’t studying to become the next Meredith Grey, I was reading books about ghosts, seances, near death experiences and stuff like that. I remember a tv program where an indigenous healer helped people cure cancers with his hands only – I was fascinated. The magic of it all took over my brain. I’d find myself thinking about that show for years to come.

When I entered Boston University, obviously I signed up for pre-med, but my minor was a bit more fun – Eastern Religion. When not in biology or organic chem, I was busy learning about Buddhism, Daoism, and Jainism. I LOVED IT.

In fact, this choice would end up changing the whole course of my healing career. In fact, it saved it.

It was the second semester of my freshman year and I was sat in a class called “The Sociology of Medical School” when I realised my dream of a medical career was over.

For this class, i read a book about …

the journey through medical school. The book described, in detail, all the horror stories of med school and becoming a doctor. The long hours, the lack of pee breaks, the 24 hour shifts with no time to eat – it was all in there and it scared me straight stiff. Why would anyone DO THIS? It’s like asking for burn out!

At the same time, in that same class I was learning about the insurance policies that guide my chosen future career. At some point I was told that insurance paid for just 7 minutes per chief complaint of the patient. Which meant that I would have 7 minutes to talk to someone, learn their history, diagnose them, and set forward a treatment plan or a prescription. WTF?!?! It was a huge Aha! Moment as Oprah would call it.

7 minutes per patient. 15 hours of not eating or peeing. No wonder doctors are over prescribing meds and not listening to their patients. The doctors don’t have the time, energy, or brain power to function properly. Add that to a quarter of a million dollar debt that I’d have after finishing my medical degree and I really started questioning whether all that sacrifice was worth it.

After all those years studying, I was facing a career of 7 minutes segments. I knew there had to be another way.


“day by day, minute by minute, create a life that heals” 

Cait Donovan

I was totally heartbroken. By the grace of the universe, while in my sophomore year I’d been allowed to take a Master’s level course on Meditation with Livia Kohn, the world’s foremost Daoist scholar. It changed everything for me.

About halfway through the semester, I went into Livia’s office hours and told her that I was having a crisis. I knew that med school wasn’t my path anymore but I had NO idea what I would do instead. I asked if she had any suggestions. She said, simply and matter of factly: “Well, just do Chinese medicine”. I replied: “What the heck (I might have used a stronger word ;)) is Chinese medicine?!”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I started doing research. I was so happy to learn that Chinese medicine was a Master’s degree program in the US. Most of the alternative medicine programs I saw were three month programs for massage or long weekends to learn Reiki. Chinese medicine looked serious. I needed to have 2 years of undergrad work done in order to apply. If accepted, I’d go through a rigorous 4 year program and finish with a Master’s degree.

This was serious business, and that made me like it even more. I started to consider it. I called my mother, my ultimate sounding board.

I blurted out: “I think I’m going to quit BU and apply to go to acupuncture school”. My mother, thank goodness, said: “Oh, acupuncture, Gramma had that. She was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis and then Dr Hu came by once a week for 4 months or so. She was pain free and fully functional for at least 6 years after that”.

She probably didn’t know it, but she just sealed the deal for me. I was too young to remember my grandmother’s acupuncture appointments, but they were going on around the time I told her that I’d become a doctor someday.

I finished out my second year of school and moved the furthest point from Boston that you can move in the continental US: San Diego, California. I went to Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine and learned from some of the best. The world around me started to click. Everything made sense. Chinese medicine made not only the body make more sense to me, but the world around me too.  

I was a total convert and wanted to share what I was learning with the world. My studies fascinated me and pushed the boundaries of my science based mind further that I knew they could be pushed. I saw people heal that shouldn’t have. I realized how interconnected everything was. I started developing the way of thinking that would benefit both me and my patients throughout the years.

The ability that I was gaining, to listen to my patients and put together the jigsaw puzzle that they presented was (and is!) amazing to me. It turns out that just listening to someone’s chief complaint isn’t enough. I also need to know about your emotional life, your community, your relationships, your diet, your movement, your job, your worldview, the weather around you. Everything, everything is important and has an effect on your wellbeing and your ability to avoid burn out.

Since then, I’ve been lucky to teach and treat all over the world. Having a foreign husband helped this out bigtime. I have had the chance to work in hospitals and smaller clinics in China, infertility centers in Poland, my own clinic in Warsaw, and a shared integrative space in Prague. Moving into the online space where I can help guide you feels like the perfect next step.

After over 25,000 treatments, I realized that more than anything I love having the time to talk to you and hash out all the pieces of your life that need to be adjusted for you to create a life that heals. There is nothing I love more than helping people to expand into the lives they were meant to lead, especially when I can teach them to use their bodies as guides.

Following my own series of burn outs and recoveries, I figured it was time to share with you exactly how to avoid this nonsense in the first place or help you get through it if you were already there. 

Here’s what Hayden, who complained of adrenal fatigue (read: burn out!) had to say about our work together:

I came to Caitlin several years ago to help with physical issues I was having due to stress.  Although I initially thought Chinese medicine was a way to help me feel better, I came to realize it also affected me on both the mental and spiritual levels.  With Caitlin’s guidance, I have realized many things about myself, situations in my life, and how I can work to improve myself. She offers a great degree of insight and compassion, and I am a better person because of her.  I love working with Caitlin because she is so empathetic and selflessly gives of herself for the benefit of others.

No more wondering how your life and health affect each other. No more holding yourself back. No more staying small in your life or in your business because your body can’t keep up. No more feelings of low energy, cloudy heads, or disconnect and disinterest. Let’s put it all together, connect all the dots, and take this bull by the horns. You have a great life to live, go live it!

I Love Being a Part of Your Story

Here’s what happy clients say

After years of enduring a painful lower back and trying every treatment going, including steroid injections, I had given up hope that anything, short of an operation, could help.

Then I was persuaded to give acupuncture a try, by friends who you had successfully treated, and even after the first session felt a difference.

A year later, I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say you saved my sanity. As well as the physical improvement, which has been immense, my whole mindset towards my back problem has changed and also my whole outlook regarding managing it.

I will miss the treatments yes, but perhaps more I will miss our chats and your no-nonsense, take no sh1t attitude to life, combined with your caring approach and calming glow. Thank you for your frankness, your healing hands and the times you have kicked my ass. I will endeavour to remember your teaching in this next chapter of my life.


Of course I was expecting someone who was knowledgeable and good at what they do, what I wasn’t ready for was how intuitive Caitlin was. Not only did she allow us to build a relationship that enabled her to go deeper with treatment, but she channeled her intuition to help me go beyond what I even was needing (or that I needed) in the moment. She is a true healer in every sense of the word, and acupuncture is her method of expression to heal, but I felt I received much more than an acupuncture session.