Meet Cait


Meet Cait

Before I Bring You Back From The World of Overstressed, Overtired, and Overwhelmed, 

Here Are 13 Things You Should Know About Me

1. My superpower is hearing what is said between the lines

Even when you don’t realize you’re telling me what I need to know, you’re telling me what I need to know. I cut to the heart of the matter faster than you can blink and I love watching you relax into the information that you no longer have to hide, that you can just let it all out because you’re safe here.

2. Bounce back oil is my first official product and i want to you be #obsessed

I worked with a great friend, Lindsey G over at to create the perfect blend of cortisol reducing, adrenal gland healing, aura protecting, inner voice enhancing essential oils to help you bounce back from burnout. It’s called Bounce Back Oil and yes, you can totally buy some! Find it here: 

3. If you feed me bS, I will call you out in a way that makes you laugh

The first step is always honesty and I can help you tear through your own bs so you can really make progress

4. I believe in the artful placement of the f-bomb

sometimes, it’s the only thing left to say

5. I sob big ugly tears watching transformation shows (the new Queer Eye? DYING)

and your transformation will make me cry too. We’ll cry together, laugh together, swear together – I promise, you’ll love it

6. I read self-help books for dinner

I’ve been at this a decade and I swallow at least 1 book a week. It’s simple math. My own book that I authored will be released in 2020!! Working title? The Bouncebackability Factor

7. I believe in small, doable steps and not total overnight transformations

Ever heard of Kaizen? It’s the small step methodology that I use in our work together. Burnout often comes when we pile too much on. By taking it in small chunks, we make stress management…. manageable.

8. I am one of 19 grandchildren on my father’s side

And I’ve got another 10 cousins on my mom’s side. This might be one of the reasons I decided on not having children – there’s enough of us already, plus my husband is a sustainability expert, so there’s that

9. I host a podcast about burnout (FRIED: The Burnout podcast)

Yep! FRIED: The Burnout Podcast is an interview-style podcast hosted by moi that I created the summer of 2019 while I was in bed with an Achilles rupture/surgery. You can find it here:

10. I am obsessed with the science of neuroplasticity

OMG, knowing how much change is possible in the brain is incredible and totally turns me on. I’m equally excited by psychoneuroimmunology – emotions, the nervous system, and immunity all in one… Jesus take the wheel!

11. A Percentage of my profits ALways goes to together rising

I love Glennon Doyle and trust what she creates. I have a hard time with the way some charities are run and where the money goes, but with Together Rising, I know that every cent I send is being used and used well. I’m proud to be part of the energy that they create and send through the world. Love and good intentions matter.

12. Chinese medicine is my jam and I can read your face

My master’s degree is in Chinese Medicine and I’ve worked with 1000’s of patients over the years. Everything I learned from them, I bring to you. And, I can tell you all sorts of stuff about yourself just by looking at your face – if you like personality tests, you should be all over this 

13. I love helping women get their spark back so they can give a shit about what matters again

The Dalai Lama said that western women will save the world. We can’t do that if we’re burnt out. So, this is my mission: SAVE YOU from burnout so you can make your impact on the world.

We work together so you can:

Clear the muck, reignite your spark, and like yourself again

Exorcize the alien that has taken over your body, mind, and emotions

Build a plan that keeps you charged up and ready to take over the world

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say you saved my sanity” Gina

No tears nor laughs need be held back in her care, and there are no taboo topics. She’s always fighting on your side.

A session with Caitlin is like having a cup of tea with your best friend” Annette

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