Release Your Stress

Life In The City Can Wear On You,
Let Acupuncture Reset You

Release Your Stress 

       Life In The City Can Wear On You, Let Acupuncture Reset You


Your Stress

Life In The City Can Wear On You,
Let Acupuncture Reset You


Centrally located in Midtown, just minutes from subways 1,2,3,N,Q,R,W, the Path, and Penn Station.
38 W 32nd St, #1507, NY, NY inside Blue Pheonix Wellness

When you’re burnt out, you need someone who truly understands what you’re going through. As a Burnout Specialist, by experience and education, I’ve learned an abundance of tools that are dying to be passed on to who needs them most – YOU!

Together, we will put together a perfect formula to support you and your body within the life that you’re living today. With short appointment times, it’s easy to fit your acupuncture appointment into your busy schedule. 

All treatments include:

  • A complimentary session on an infrared healing mat
  • Complimentary Ear Seeds to prolong the effects of your visit. 

I have had acupuncture many times. I believe in its efficacy. Of course, I was expecting someone who was knowledgeable and good at what they do, what I wasn’t ready for was how intuitive Caitlin was. She channeled her intuition to help me go beyond what I thought I needed in the moment. She is a true healer in every sense of the word.


Step 1: fill out the following form

By filling out the Health Intake BEFORE scheduling your first appointment, you help to create an efficient and effective first appointment with you. 

Step 2: Choose Your first appointment

Come to my office (38 W32nd St, #1507, Koreatown, NY): we will have 90 full minutes which includes a thorough intake, plenty of time for you to tell your story and have your first acupuncture treatment. $175.00

Step 3: Schedule Follow Up APpointments

Quick 30-minute sessions. You can fit this into your schedule with ease. 20 minutes of acupuncture, in and out of the office in 30 minutes. Infrared mat and ear seeds included – $90.00

Every time I come in for a session, I leave feeling better mentally and physically than when I walked in. I didn’t expect you to dig up some of the deep, deep roots of the issues that sent me into your office in the first place but it has been extraordinarily rewarding. Morgan

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