Full burnout recovery plan

Scene 1: You wake up, f*&%’ing alarm! You slap the snooze more times than you can count and then begrudgingly roll out of bed. Your body aches all over and it feels as if your limbs are made of cement blocks. “COFFEE!” you think: “that’ll help!”, you zombie shuffle into the kitchen and snap at whoever’s in there (even if it’s just the cat).

Your to-do list is 400 miles long and you don’t even know where to start. Yesterday, you cried, banged your head on the desk and gave yourself a bruise. WTF will go wrong today and since when did every day feel like SUCH A CHORE?!?!

Scene 2: You woke up on the right side of the bed, you’re recharged and ready to go. Your dance moves on the way to the bathroom are ON POINT. You have the energy to make a healthy breakfast. You see your partner in the kitchen and chirp a cheery ‘Good Moooorning!’. You know exactly what needs to be done today, and you’ve even made plans to have lunch with a friend.  It’s been ages and you’re excited to see her. Your life feels light. The constant shadows of overwhelm and fatigue have finally disappeared. Those cement blocks have disappeared from your arms and legs. Your emotions have decided that you can have the wheel back, they don’t need to be in control anymore.

Right now, that day might seem like an average day in Utopia, but it CAN be your life.

“Believe me when I tell you, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Finding Cait Donovan is one of them. She uncovers the “muck” that impedes you!”
~ Michelle

The Full Recovery Burnout Plan can take you from the depths of the rabbit hole you’ve gone down and bring you back up to the surface to see the light.

“She has the rare ability to read deep into your soul. She always knows what to say and how to help you find your answers. ~ Clara”

Here’s how it goes down:


Call 1. Deep Dive (Telling Your Story) – We will dig into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that may have had a part to play in you getting to burnout despite your best efforts.  We will connect the dots between things that you never put together and you’ll have sparks of insight blasting your brain. The majority of the healing starts right here. You’ll receive a personalized meditation, recorded JUST FOR YOU to be used during the whole Full Burnout Recovery Plan. 

Call 2: Health Constitution and Personality – Most people are functioning on templates that someone else gave them, but here’s the problem: you have an inner template that works FOR YOU. As we chip away the pieces that don’t belong in your world, you’ll realize that you can throw out those old blueprints and make way for the new. We’ll rebuild your personal temple (I mean template!) from the ground up.

Call 3: Self Compassion 101 – The gremlin that lives in your brain and tells you that you’re lazy and not good enough? We’ll banish him to the basement. We’ll accomplish this by using special techniques that allow you to change your inner talk, for good.


your Inner Gremlin Is Finally Quiet

Call 4: Breakthrough  – You’ll officially blast through the old, worn out systems that brought you to burnout in the first place. It’s time to step off the hamster wheel. We already crushed your old template, now we crush your old beliefs. Your shoulders relax, you stop hating everything and everyone, and you’re officially on your way back from Burnout City.

Call 5: Energy Leaks – Your body has been like a bucket full of holes. You kept trying to fill it up, but that damn water kept flowing back out. This week, we find and plug all the leaks so you can naturally build your own energy again. You’ll learn a secret meditation passed down through generations that teaches you how to keep your energy full in just 16 minutes a day.

Call 6: Boundary Building – You’ll learn techniques to put boundaries in place that will be respected. You’ll feel comfortable turning down offers and clients that are wrong for you. You’ll feel safe sending out invoices. You’ll trust that when your energy says no, YOU can say no too. You’ll learn to say no without feeling like a jerk. You’ll get personalized scripts so you don’t even have to think up what to say or how to say it. By the end of this call, you’ll be nearly proficient in the art of preventing burnout and over 50% recovered. Way to go!


When you control your energy, you control your life

Call 7: Intuition Training – After 2 weeks of your secret meditation, you sense your energy with ease. This week, we fine-tune your intuitive abilities so you automatically take a break when you need one. When you enter a room or a restaurant and feel like it isn’t right, you leave. You get an email from a new prospective client and you know right away if it’s great for you, or not. You’ll learn how to personalize Yoga Nidra which helps you to shift and stay in alignment without outside help. 

Call 8: Alternative Medicine In this hour, you’ll learn what alternative methods are available and which be most beneficial to you long term. Together, we’ll find the right practitioners for you to work with. You’ll get all the answers you need. No more wondering if you should do acupuncture or chiropractic, functional medicine or reiki, herbal medicine or massage therapy – we’ll clear it up for good. 

Call 9: Rewrite The Script – Here, we take the time to retell your story, version 2.0. As you create and listen to the updated version of your story, you hear your perspective changes, you recognize strength, and amaze yourself with your ability to grow. Coming back from burnout is no small feat. Your pride swells as you realize what you’ve done. Rewriting your story is a medicine all in itself. You’ll gain major insight into what you need to do to stay on the path.


“with our words and gestures, we can augment health or illness” ~ Lewis Mehl Madrona

Call 10: Guidebook Creation – With confidence and clarity, we create a full plan for making your life burnout proof. Moving forward, you’ll be able to do this work on your own. Your Full Burnout Recovery guidebook will be your new best friend and help keep you away from the crispy fry of burnout from now until forever.


The Bonus Bus

Bonus 1: Personalized Meditation. In addition to the meditation from Week One, you’ll get an updated version for your rewritten story to take into the future with you.

Bonus 2: All the books you need for your development for the entire duration of our work together. (Yep, you read that right, you’ll get all the books as GIFTS!)

Bonus 3: Unlimited e-mails and feedback for the entire duration of our work together.

Bonus 4: You’ll have 8 FULL WEEKS of extra support and guidance after your last call. Your success is important to me and together we’ll do what it takes to be sure you’re satisfied on your new path. Something doesn’t fit? We’ll tailor it together.

Bonus 5: All of our calls and worksheets will be kept in a secret online folder for you to keep.

What will happen with your life if you don’t sign up for this?

In 4 months, you could be:

  • Absolutely SICK of visiting doctor after doctor who can’t find anything wrong with you
  • Losing money because of ‘sick days’
  • Giving up on dreams because your body, energy, and mood won’t cooperate 


  • Working on projects that make you burst out in song
  • Replying with “Girl, I got you” when your body sends you a symptom
  • Listening to friends complaining about the same ish you used to bitch about and thinking “what’s wrong with them?!?”
  • Feeling on fire about your plans
  • Realizing that your work CAN be your passion without leading to BURNOUT.