Deep Dive Chats

With other people who have experienced burnout, recovered, and lived to tell the tale. Previous guests include: Denise Duffield-Thomas, and Dr. Valerie Rein. We don't shy away from the hard parts of these conversations, you'll hear truth - and that will allow you feel validated and make the choice to heal.


Episodes centered around YOUR questions, answered by Cait. Cait is always accepting questions and suggestions for future solo episodes. Shoot your  idea to friedtheburnoutpodcast @ If your q makes it, you'll get a personal shout out on the show!! 


The convo continues post episode on Instagram! Follow and add your takeaways as comments.
You never know who you might be able to inspire by sharing a piece of your journey. Come join us.
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Thank you. Thank you for all the work you are doing to help people recover from burnout. Thank you for bringing awareness and resources and sharing people's stories.
I found your podcast during a really dark time in my life, and hearing other people's experiences with burnout, how they got there, how they overcame it, how it has shaped who they are now, all of it has been so inspiring and helpful on my own healing journey.
So thank you, for all that you do, and for being such a shining light ✨


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