Prevent burn out

You’ve got this gut feeling that stress is already affecting you. You’re having a few more headaches than normal. You’ve started eating like crap because, well, one of the balls has to drop. It’s not feasible to keep up this juggling routine.


Here’s how you break the cycle:

  1. Book this call (there’s a huge pink button down there, you can’t miss it)
  2. Get a confirmation email with clear instructions on how to prepare
  3. Get on your call at the scheduled time and we’ll make a plan of attack
  4. You’ll get a homework assignment
  5. You’ll receive 3 follow-ups so you can tweak your plan to perfection

Here’s what you get:

  • The Filter Method so you can see your situation clearly and always KNOW what the next right steps are
  • The basics of Face Reading so you can work-life balance with the best of ’em
  • 4 practical, easy to incorporate tricks for keeping your mind, body, emotions, and spirituality in check

Here’s how your life will be different:

  • You’ll know EXACTLY what pieces of your life and self-care are working for you – and which pieces are NOT
  • You’ll gain free time because you’ll stop wasting it on crap that doesn’t work for you
  • Your energy and mood will improve so you’ll stop throwing up middle fingers when you’re in the car
  • You’ll make healthier choices without effort, who knew how much you loved quinoa bread?!?!

As a bonus, you’ll get three follow-ups from me. This gives you time to try things out, get some feedback, and adjust where necessary. It’s your extra special gift. You should be 100% satisfied with our work, so if we need to adjust, we do!


Cait has saved my life so many times that I just stopped counting!