Third Eye Pillow


The Third EYE Pillow is another La Lune Healing x Cait Donovan collaboration! 100% cotton eye pillows, hand-dyed with eco-friendly color, and filled with flax seed and a rainbow fluorite crystal will help you recover from burnout by helping your nervous system to calm and reset. Use this 5-15 minutes per day, I recommend using a Yoga Nidra guided meditation at the same time for double the impact.

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100% cotton, hand-dyed with eco-friendly materials and filled with flax seeds and a rainbow fluorite crystal, this Third EYE Pillow is just the thing you need to take your rest to a deeper level that allows for healing and recovery. The pillow can be used room temp, warm, or cool.

Hundreds of patients have told me through the years that part of their burnout symptoms are eye-related. Burning, redness, dryness, eye snots (ya know, the crusty bits) are all things that get checked regularly on new patient intakes in my NYC acupuncture practice. By spending time allowing the muscles around the eyes to relax and the nerves to rest and reset, you can help your burnout recovery in a major way. It seems simple because it is – but just buying this pillow won’t cut it, you actually have to use it!

On a spiritual level, the combination of a Third EYE Pillow with Rainbow Fluorite Crystals allows you to gain clarity and reconnect with that wise inner voice that will help guide you through your burnout healing journey. I love combining this magical pillow with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation for a more impactful, deeper rest.

This Third EYE Pillow was created exclusively for Cait Donovan’s Bounce Back Collection by Lindsey G at


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