It's Time to Uplevel Your Burnout Recovery From Guessing to a Solid Plan for Transformation that Lasts

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If someone tells you to write another gratitude list, you might pull out your hair...

  • You've started to ask, "Is this what my whole life will feel like?"
  • The brain fog is making you feel dumb - and you know you're not dumb.
  • You're exhausted, annoyed and you know some stuff about self-care so this feels ESPECIALLY annoying.
  • You feel stuck in the, "I don't know if I have the energy for this" vs. "I know I need to do this" conundrum.
  • You're annoyed because you made SOME progress but it seems like it's 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
  • You might be asking yourself, is life without burnout even possible?


The answer is a resounding YES! Not only is life without burnout possible, but it is within your reach.



With live group sessions, follow up 'Do-it-with-you" implementation sessions and personalized feedback - we’ve got the resources you need to turn your burnout train around.



A 4-month transformational coaching program for high-achievers ready to regain control and rediscover joy beyond burnout. Ideal for ambitious professionals and driven individuals, especially those that identify or have been called 'sensitive'. 



With this group course, you’ll discover how to:

  • Get off the burnout train for good (no worrying about burnout coming back once you're implementing the best tactics for YOU!)
  • Assess, respect, and build your resources (time, energy, money, etc) so you can create a truly sustainable plan for your unique life
  • Finally face all the blocks, habits, and coping mechanisms you already know about (and some that you don't) head on, with support and community
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The two main secrets to burnout recovery (yes, we're sharing them right now) are trust and safety. This intro week serves to start building both of those BEFORE you start so that your work in this container is successful!

  • Get guided through the Course Content so you know what to expect
  • Understand best practices so that you get the most out of the course
  • Lean into the body based practices you'll use throughout the program 

Congratulations, you’re officially on the road to becoming UNFRIED!



  • Learn how to hit your own stress reset button
  • Honor where you are
  • Start in on practices that will help now AND long term

Upon completing this module, you won't just be able to hit your own reset button; you'll be primed to embark on your transformation journey!



Assess (and access) what you have to give to your own recovery:

  • Learn how to assess time, money, and energy so that you create the space to recover

After this module, you'll have a clear view of how to get what you need from what you have available (without crunching any numbers).



  • Create your first big burnout recovery breakthrough by pruning spaces of wasted energy
  • Grant yourself permission to eliminate burdensome tasks, relationships, etc.

Upon completing this module you’ll have done your first cutting back (which is STEP 1 of building great boundaries!)



  • Discover where you get your best "food and fertilizer" from (energetically, mentally, and physically
  • Learn how to receive nourishment from both yourself and the world around you

After completing this week, you'll have a clear view of what you want IN your life and what you want OUT - what fuels you and what costs you - and you'll know how to balance it!



Safety is a core tenet of burnout recovery and you've already done the work to make space for it, in this module you'll:

  • Rebuild (or build for the first time! :)) Self trust
  • Boost confidence broken down by burnout
  • Improve your brain's ability to make decisions

After this module, you’re really coming back into WHO YOU ARE and becoming a more powerful YOU!



  • Learn how to safely address resentment, anger, frustration and more associated with your burnout story
  • Discover the full process for doing this work on the fly so you can manage your life on the go

During this week, you'll bust through emotional blocks that have kept you stuck, and you'll feel lighter than ever!



  • Find the words and system to create boundaries that are heard and respected
  • Learn how to honor your own boundaries
  • Understand what actions/words might trip up your ability to set and keep boundaries so you can course correct any time!

You'll be a boundary building master at the end of this module. The practice that you'll do as a follow up will be the most empowering work you've done in your life - and will protect you from future burnout.



  • Deep dive into your core values so you can laser focus your priorities and life direction
  • Create your own set of guidelines for hard yes's (and hard no's!)
  • Make decision making easy

After completing this week, you will have created a life long system for staying aligned and in tune with who you are, what you need, what you want, and how to get it!



Evaluate your day-to-day for alignment

  • Uncover the secrets to planning out a sustainable life
  • Align YOUR best practices with YOUR best life
  • Discover your red flag moments and avoid future crashes

After this module, you’ll have redefined your relationships with work and life and created a long term plan that ends burnout and keeps it at bay.

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I have been a healer for 20 years and it wasn't until my own burnout that I learned how to balance out giving and receiving. I have been around healing long enough to know that YOU need unique twists and personalized help to make the most impact.

My work as a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist over 20 years had me in a place of burn out and resentment. I was consistently in a place of worry for the world at large - and I was FRIED to a crisp. 

I started where you likely started, with FRIED the Burnout Podcast episodes - I healed and renewed my desire to help and be of service in the world.

I now truly believe my work makes the world a better place - without the need for massive self sacrifice. My part in #endingburnoutculture is twofold:

1. I stopped participating in burnout culture personally

2. I started working with Cait and FRIED in both 1:1 and group capacities to help guide YOU out of burnout culture too. 


As someone who has been holding space for group learning and healing for decades, this was a natural space for me to grow into. There's nothing I love more than creating a loving container for others to heal in.

Through group coaching, you can heal from burnout from the comfort of your home!

Each group coaching session is limited to 7 participants - so you will get get all of the support you need.


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Sarah provided the guidance and support for me to work on developing a new mindset, the internal value of what I offer, what my time is worth, and prioritizing 'ME'

~ Stephanie R, PhD Student


The biggest lessons I learned are to prioritize my wants and needs, and to evaluate the emotional and physical 'costs' of things. Working with Sarah was pivotal in my burnout recovery, she gave me the tools to feel like myself again. 

~ Shannon, Acupuncturist

I accomplished more than I realized and Sarah really helped me to see how much more I'm capable of beyond what my beliefs say. My biggest takeaway is that there is nothing wrong with being sensitive!! 

~ MT, Acupuncturist

Your Current Self

You wake up every morning, already dreading the day ahead. The weight of burnout sits heavy on your shoulders. Your once-vibrant ambitions are buried beneath the exhaustion.

The line between work and life has blurred into an indistinguishable haze. The constant hustle leaves you with little time to breathe, let alone savor moments of joy. 

The spark that used to ignite your passion has flickered out, and the thrill of success has given way to the fear of falling off the edge.  

Your Future Self

Imagine waking up with a newfound sense of purpose, eager to embrace the day. The weight of burnout has lifted, replaced by a vibrant sense of control and clarity. 

You effortlessly balance your ambitions with the art of well-being. Work no longer consumes your life, but rather enriches it, leaving you with abundant time to savor the beauty of each moment

That spark? It's a blazing fire of passion now. Success is not a source of fear but a journey of triumph. You confidently tread a path lined with opportunities, resilience, and lasting joy.

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When Cait was on the other side of her recovery and started FRIED. The Burnout Podcast, she learned a few things:

  1. You were hungry for real information on burnout
  2. You were sick and tired of being told to write gratitude journals and breathe - you did those things already and you still feel like shit.
  3. You needed a container + a community where you would feel understood and safe in order to recover
  4. You actually needed humans to be LIVE with you - not a DIY course
  5. A group program would be perfect but Cait thrives on the stage and in 1:1 settings

When Sarah Vosen joined FRIED as a coach, it seemed like the perfect solution to create space for her to use her background in Chinese medicine and her many years facilitating group healing to form the perfect solution that FRIED listeners had been looking for.

The market was full of voices focused on positivity, on mindset, and on changing your diet - none of them seemed to address all of YOU as a full human having, honestly, a pretty shitty experience at the moment. Sarah and Cait wanted to to create a space where you were free to be WHERE YOU ACTUALLY ARE instead of a space that requires you to plaster on a smile just to enter.

UNFRIED welcomes you as you are, in your current headspace, and will help you expand until other states are possible - but will NOT force you to look for gratitude when your overwhelming emotion is... well, overwhelm. 

UNFRIED is a space to be YOU. To be REAL. To be RAW. To be radically HONEST.

This is because we know, as healers with over 35-years of combined experience, you begin true healing when you are SEEN, HEARD, VALIDATED, and met with CURIOSITY instead of judgment.

This is NOT a pre-recorded DIY online course. We know the power of co-regulating the nervous system and we know that happens best when we share space (even virtual space!). We also know that having our "Implementation Station" calls in between learning sessions allows you to 'fall behind' and catch back up without beating yourself up or feeling alone.

This course is specifically designed for the burnt out body and brain. It is slow, it is made up of small steps, it focuses on consistency and high quality information instead of overloading you with every idea in the book. Sarah is an expert who will adjust exercises based on your current needs and capabilities.

And - you won't ever be alone. You'll have a crew of like minded people cheering you on every step of the way.

Are you ready for it? We sure are.

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Tools to Make Your UNFRIED Journey Successful

Online Community

No need to sign into Facebook for the community features. We have a private group chat available for you to use anytime you need!

20 Years of  Experience

Your Guide is Sarah Vosen, who has been working with patients and clients on their stubborn problems since 2003! Experience + Intuition = A win for you!

Implementation Stations

We've set up open sessions that provide a comfortable space for you to come in, practice, ask questions, and get support in between modules.

VIP Upgrades

Want some extra 1:1 support while you work? You can add-on optional private calls with Sarah for added comfort and personalized support.


UNFRIED will help you end your burnout cycle for good.

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The BIGGEST gain I made in the course was learning how to listen to my body. I had a long history of not "trusting" what my body was communicating, leading to illness, stress, and burnout. This has allowed me to say no to many activities, and say yes to more time for myself.  Many of the conversations that I've had with my kids, my spouse, and my coworkers as a result of these boundaries, have been really meaningful and have made those relationships stronger.

~ Laura B, CEO


I have been trying to do what we have done in the course for my whole life and never succeeded until now. The accountability helps, and I have been able to take the resources you've provided, and the space you've provided, and melded it into what I need, which has been really cool. Which isn't easy for me to do with someone that I don't know.  Having that trust level at the onset which comes from having talked to you in the office hours.

~ Miranda K., Solopreneur

I joined this program because I was so tired of living in a constant "fried" state. I was a bit anxious at first, and wondered "what if it's just another thing I spend my money on that will not work in the end", but I realised very soon that Sarah and this group really "gets it".  I felt Sarah created this safe environment for us to take everything in, think and process, to express our thoughts and feelings if and when we wanted to, and our experiences were always acknowledged and validated.

~ RB


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It's time to break free from the grips of burnout and rediscover the
joy and fulfillment you deserve.

Join FRIED. Burnout Recovery Group Coaching today and let's make this journey of transformation together.

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