Get your spark back

Clear the muck and get back on track

    Get your spark back

           Clear the muck and get back on track

Get your spark back

Clear the muck and get back on track

You Know You’re Truly Exhausted When:

  • you’re annoyed AF when the alarm goes off
  • you resent your customers (and all their damn needs)
  • you snap at your family like a rabid dog
  • you sob because the elevator broke down and that one flight of stairs was too much
  • your one big dream is to hide away somewhere with no wifi

You KNOW that stress is a huge factor in all of this but dealing with it seems like too big a job. You do enough already, don’t you?!? You’re stuck in the muck with your shoulders slumped, saying: “Is this why I built this business? Why does it feel so miserable? Will it always feel like this?”


Not if I have anything to do with it!


It’s high time to take your life back from overstressed, overwhelmed, and overtired.


Instead Of:  You:
Feeling stuck and resentful Are making forward progress and loving new challenges
Acting like a crazy bitch Feel in control of your emotions
Dreading the heavy atmosphere at home The energy in your space is rockin!
Looking (and acting) like a rag doll Are complimented on old outfits
Feeling like an imposter in your own life Feel like that woman that started this business in the first place
Wishing it would all just go away Are glad to be making your impact on the world


Here’s how we can Do this work together

Stop Burnout In Its Tracks

This is for you if….
You’re more irritable. You’re overwhelmed. You’re still able to get shit done -BUT- you’re worried about growth in your business – will you be able to keep up? You know this isn’t the right way to do things, but you’re not sure what is.

If you don’t fix this now: 

You’ll end up hating this passion-based career that you created and you’ll wonder what the hell comes next.


This is for you if…
You’ve stopped hanging with friends because – who has the energy?!?
You’re annoyed ALL THE TIME. You have stress-related physical and emotional symptoms that no amount of yoga is fixing. You still have a tiny spark, but you can feel it fading fast.

If you keep waiting to deal with this:

You’ll end up resenting your life and everyone in it. You’ll be in total burnout phase and your body will be screaming at you.


This is for you if…
You’ve lost your spark. You can barely get up in the morning. You resent your clients and your work. Your loved ones are sick of your attitude problems. You’ve seen doctors for your physical symptoms but they keep telling you your tests are fine. You know you’re not fine.

If you ignore yourself any longer:

In 2 months you’ll probably be kicking yourself because shit has really hit the fan and you’re barely functioning.

This is for you if…
You just read the last three and thought: “I’m all of those!”

Hop on a 20-minute call with me and we’ll sort out which option is best for you.

If you don’t do this now:

You’ll keep wondering – how much different could my life be if I took the chance?

It’s free. It’s 20 minutes. And it could change EVERYTHING for you. Just do it. Book NOW. blog post being a witch in 2018

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