From burnt out to burning it up

Clear the muck and get back on track

    From burnt out to burning it up

           Clear the muck and get back on track

from burnt out to burning it up

Clear the muck and get back on track

It’s time to take back your life from overstressed, overwhelmed, and overtired



Instead Of: 


Feeling exhausted and drained Have energy and know how to keep it replenished
Snapping and lashing out at your family Feel in control of your emotions and are more positive
Wanting to live but secretly wishing to die Know why your life is valuable and love living
Wondering: is this it? Are making an impact that you’re proud of
Having unexplained physical symptoms Clear those symptoms and feel strong again

Here’s how we can Do this work together

Start with a free consult

20-minute coffee chat where you unload your worries and concerns. I listen, take notes, and give a few suggestions for immediate application. We sum up our conversation with a frank discussion of if we’re a good match (I’ll help you find someone else if not – I have a whole list of great people!) and if we feel like we can make serious progress together. If we are and we can, I’ll suggest a plan forward that I think is best for you.

1 (em)power hour

If, after your 20-minute call, I know you’re a self-starter who simply needs some solid guidance, you’ll be offered an empower hour. After your consult, you’ll have some homework to do 😉 and about 10 days later we will hop on a call and hash out everything you need – one and done. 

This is especially good for those one-off moments where you really feel stuck, need outside help, and want it to feel like a close girlfriend who also happens to be a kickass coach. AND, you know that once you get that kick in the pants, you’ll be good to go. An Empower Hour is an investment of $225.

Long term avoiding burnout planning

If like me, you’ve been on the burnout hamster wheel for some time and you know you’ll need continued support for those days that you JUST CANNOT EVEN – at the end of your free consult call, we will discuss how much time that might take.

6 weeks is the intro offer, it consists of 3 calls where we dig in deep to uncover all the bullshit that’s keeping you where you are and make a clear plan to keep you on track for all of eternity (but don’t worry – there’s discount follow up calls in case you need me).

Long term planning starts at a $600 investment, follow up empower hours are just $115. blog post being a witch in 2018

Take The Quiz, Get Solid Tips & Tricks


Different stages of burnout need different things. Start with this quiz, get honest about where you are right now, and get personalized tips and tricks. It takes just 5 minutes and might just change your life. 

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