When Gratitude Journals Just Aren't Cutting It!

You don't feel like yourself. You're annoyed with your family and coworkers and you feel stuck.

You tried gratitude, but it feels like you're faking and it's just really not helping...

It's time for: 

The Resentment Journal Mini Course

Use Resentment  As  Your Guide

To build boundaries that protect your ENERGY and JOY 


With The Resentment Transformation Mini Course, there’s no need to think up come-backs in the shower or waste energy bitching about that person who doesn't appreciate you enough.

You’ll learn how to transform resentment, anger, annoyance, and irritation into boundaries and spare energy in just minutes.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You’re a woman and a natural helper.
  • You're generous.
  • You feel underappreciated.
  • People often come to you with problems
  • You used to derive pleasure from helping, but now, you feel resentful and overwhelmed - and guilty for feeling that way.
  • You’re frustrated that no one seems to see how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve done

What if there was a way to stay kind, have boundaries, AND not waste your energy solving other people's problems?

That’s exactly why I created The Resentment Journal. I want to help you transform your resentments into new boundaries that protect you, your kindness, and your energy!

Put those boundaries in place, stop feeling taken advantage of, and stop hating everyone!

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Adele (The Sustainable Stylist)

"I downloaded the Resentment Journal at the weekend and have already had a few revelations. The most significant being that I spend SO MUCH time and energy anticipating the needs of others, and get resentful when it isn't reciprocated. I've already started to work on changing this. Thank you!"

The Resentment Journal is a downloadable guided journal with a BONUS mini course (plus access to biweekly LIVE office hours!) that helps you:

  • Identify the resentments that are costing you the most energy
  • Transform those resentments with directed questions
  • Learn which of the following is most appropriate:
    • Drop it
    • Upgrade it
    • Delegate it
    • Draw a Boundary
  • Create an action plan to clear the resentment and prevent it in the future
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Hi! I’m Cait Donovan, recovering burnt out people pleaser. For me, burning out had so much to do with the fact that I felt like in order to be loved, worthy, valuable, I needed to be USEFUL. So I was constantly surveying my surroundings trying to figure out where I could insert my help in a way that would get me appreciation, recognition… worth. It burned me out and kept me on the burnout cycle for 7 years.

The most powerful part of undoing this cycle for me what realizing where I was wasting energy on situations, people, and things that didn’t actually want or need my help. As I went through this, I noticed that these were also the areas where I felt the most resentment and annoyance. Coincidence? I think not.

As an acupuncturist and a burnout coach, my job is helping people, and I love it - but I needed to find a way to protect my energy, stop OVER giving, and allow being myself to be enough to be loved.

It all started with a Resentment Journal, and now you can have your own. I’ve created, updated, and improved this exercise since I created it some time ago and now you get the benefit of all the upgrades at a super low cost.

Lesson 1

The What and WHY behind using resentment to make positive life changes. By digging into why this works, your brain will be more primed to make a success of it!

Understand how powerful resentment is and how much energy you can free by transforming it!

Get empowered before you start!

Lesson 2

How To Use Resentment Like A Pro. Complete detailed instructions for how to notice, identify, and transform resentment!

- a PDF download, fill-in-able Resentment Transformation Guide.
- 17 pages with clear guidance and clarifying prompts that will have you changing resentment into energy in no time

Lesson 3 

Accountability - A space to celebrate your wins, and claim your transformation plans. It makes them more powerful (and more likely ;))

Here, you'll be taught how to decipher who needs to go and who needs to stay - are people toxic or do they just need time?

- An empowering wallpaper for your phone!


So many previous resentment transformers told me they need a cheat sheet for using this tool when they're on the go and something extra annoying pops up!

So I  included one - download your cheat sheet as a PDF and save it as a photo and have it handy all the time!


Need to get in the mood?

I've got you!

Inside Lesson 2 you'll find a link to a Spotify playlist that will help you tap into those tough emotions and make this transformation more fun! (*STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING ;))


Once you've chosen the boundaries that you need in place for the most impact to your energy and annoyance levels, you might need to have some tough conversations.

Inside Lesson 3 you'll find a downloadable guide to having uncomfortable conversations like a pro!

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Sarah F (Acupuncturist)

"When I heard that you, a fellow acupuncturist, knew you were getting burnt out when you had resentment toward your patients, I knew I had to grab this. My emotional reactions have been so spicy lately and just spending an hour going through this course makes me feel 10lbs lighter and WAYYYYYY less angry.:


How does this work?
You choose to intentionally look at your resentments, make note of them, and then follow the questions given in the journal to help you transform them into boundaries.
With the digital journal AND a mini course to guide you, you'll be on the other side of resentment in no time!

Once I fill in the journal, what happens if I want to do it again? Do I need to repurchase the course?
No way! You’ve got it, you can download it 1000x if you want! My suggestion is to download it and save a copy on your computer, that way you can make another copy anytime you want! My only request is that you don’t share your copies with anyone - the downloads have a digital watermark on them and illegal downloads are traceable. One of the reasons this course is so affordable is because I want everyone who needs it to be able to afford it! :)

Do I have to print it?
You can if you want, but it’s not necessary. I love filling it in right in the PDF and throwing it in my google drive so I can open it up whenever I need it!

What if I get into a situation in the future and I don’t want to write everything out, but I want to use the ideas from the course?
Good news! There’s a CHEAT SHEET included!  My suggestion is saving the cheatsheet as a photo in your photo album on your phone, that way you can look at it on the go! It gives you all the basics on one sheet of paper. Once you’ve done the full journal once, the cheat sheet will be enough to remind you of the process - and once you use it enough, it’ll seep right into your skin and you’ll be using it without even realizing it!

What if I’m still mad at the end?
A few options:

  1. Double check all your major resentments, did NOTHING move at all? Even if you are only 10% less mad in one of them, give yourself credit for transforming that much. It counts.
  2. Are you being totally honest? Sometimes, people pleasers have a hard time being honest about what they’re really mad about - check those resentments - is that what it’s really about, or is there something deeper?
  3. Book a free call, let’s talk it out! https://www.caitdonovan.as.me/free



Click the button BELOW to purchase!

Then, check your email for a confirmation of purchase and login info!

After that, log in to your account (the link will be in your confirmation email!) and you’ll be taken right to The Resentment Journal Mini Course!

  • You’ll start with a Welcome! Section that will lay everything out.
  • You’ll click on Lesson 1 and get the history of The Resentment Journal and follow that up with...
  • Lesson 2 - where you’ll learn HOW to use The Resentment Journal and get access to the download!

    You can print the download or just fill it in on your computer. (I prefer filling in on the computer to save on paper!) Once you’re ready to get started...
  • click on the Spotify Playlist to get you in the right mood. I recommend headphones if you’ve got little ones around - there’s some strong language in there.
  • After all of that, you’ll be guided to Lesson 3 - Accountability where you’ll be given a chance to share your wins, your plans, download an empowering wallpaper for your phone AND a BONUS worksheet about having difficult conversations (this has SAVED so many of my clients in the past - it’ll change everything for you!)

And even though the course is technically over then, you still get access to another section where you’ll learn what the next best step is (The Breakthrough Burnout Challenge Course!) and get a BONUS cheat sheet for The Resentment Journal (so you can do this exercise on the fly in the future!)

If you get stuck and need help, email [email protected]



Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

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Errin W (Burnout Coach For Physicians)

"This is GOLD. As soon as you posted about it I grabbed it (because I thought it was interesting and I love what you do). It exceeded my expectations by a mile. Everyone should be doing this!"