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To Start: Check Out FRIED. The Burnout Podcast.


FRIED will help you realize:

  • you're not alone
  • burnout can heal
  • you aren't imagining this
  • burnout is not your fault

If you've already been listening and that's what brought you here, we should just cut to the chase and get on a call. 

Most of the people I work with are afraid that this place they've found themselves in: the burnt out, crispy fried, angry, and tired af place is where they'll be stuck for life. It seems impossible that it could change - but I know from experience that 3 months can literally change (and save) your life. 

1:1 online coaching is available to you RIGHT NOW. 


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The FRIED. The Burnout Podcast Discussion group doesn't require that you've listened to any episodes - but it does offer you a place where other people get it. I promise that no matter what you say, someone else has been there. This is part discussion group, part support group, and part community healing.



Coaching packages start at a 3 month minimum, at $1197 per month. This is the fastest and most impactful way to get from totally burnt out, lost, and deflated to energized and excited  with clarity about the best way to move forward. You want to like your life again and you don't want to spend 3 years figuring it out yourself (or maybe you already have...) This is the option for you. All coaching work is done online through Zoom.



Acupuncture has been helping people to manage stress for 3 millenia. By regulating stress hormones, improving brain plasticity, reducing overall body tension and pain, acupuncture helps to increase the body's resilience to stress. Cait has been in practice since 2007, performed over 25,000 treatments and wants you to experience the post acupuncture glow ASAP! First visits are an investment of $195 and follow ups are $100



If you know that you're not living in alignment with yourself but you don't know how to get aligned, your first step is downloading the free 'Live Your  Core Values' Worksheet.
At the end, you'll have identified what is most valuable to you and created a priority list. Your decision making going forward will be simple because you'll know exactly what you want and exactly what's important to you.


L I S T E N 

Listen to the latest episodes of FRIED - The Burnout Podcast, hosted by Cait herself. Full of stories to let you know: You're not alone, and full of tips to get you healing. This is for you if you want to feel understood, validated, and seen. The goal of FRIED is to eliminate the idea that ANY of us are going through this alone, to crush the shame and guilt that surround burnout, and to help you make the decision to heal.


After That, Get Started On Your Recovery ASAP

The Resentment Journal Mini Course is designed to turn you into a Boundary Building Badass. It's an incredible way to start your journey toward un-fried :)

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