Misson: #endburnoutculture in organizations and individuals for better morale, health, and profitability.


Work With Cait

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Meg L. (entrepreneur)

I was impressed that Caitlin wasn't afraid to talk about/suggest/inquire more about really difficult topics, she held up a "mirror" a few times to me and I appreciated that she wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear but giving me practical/real reasons why I was in the situation I was in. I was very skeptical at first because I see a therapist regularly so I wasn't sure how Caitlin was going to give me any advice that was different - and she DID! She helped me face some hard truths, she supported me in acknowledging with me what was working for me and what wasn't aligning with me and provided encouragement to make these big shifts and changes in my life.

Lina C. (workshop participant)

I attended her Burnout Lab. It has honestly changed the way I live my life personally & professionally. I learned how the stress of burning out is taking a toll on my brain and my body. She taught me ways to not only help handle burning out, but also how I can Burnout Proof my organization and team through Practicing Psychological Safety. She taught me to make a safe space to support my team to being honest, and also myself. It has changed the way I lead my team daily. If you ever get a chance to attend her workshop, listen to her speak, or just have a casual conversation, I highly recommend fully immersing yourself in the experience she offers! 

John N. (audience member)

I became a huge fan after hearing Cait speak at NextUp's Rising Star Summit. Cait commanded the stage with her welcoming yet powerful presence to hold space for 100's of people as she talked about burnout and its impact on our lives, ourselves, our loved ones, leadership and our careers. Cait moves people in a way where there was a lot of opportunities for introspection and she could bring us to that place and then shift it in a way to get us to laugh and lighten up the room. She's a rare speaker who can take a heavy topic and still have a lightness in the room. It is a gift. She is a talented speaker.