Burnout & Belonging in the Workplace and the Biology Behind it All


Reduce attrition, disengagement, burnout, and lack of productivity by facing them head on.

Kate W. (Academy of Dental CPA's)

"We loved having you and everyone is still talking about your presentation and how helpful you were. 

So many people have shared how impressed they were with your expertise and delivery style."


"Finally, something real"

Organizations today face a significant challenge with burnout: manifesting as poor productivity, high staff turnover, and low engagement.

Traditional approaches often overlook the core emotional issues driving these problems, particularly emotions like resentment that are deemed negative and thus ignored.

I help you and your teams manage and USE those emotions to your advantage.

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Address Problems Head On Without Fear


Cait’s understanding of Chinese medicine and philosophy reveals a pivotal insight: no emotion is inherently negative; rather, the turmoil arises when these emotions are neglected and allowed to fester.

When teams ignore or mismanage their feelings, it not only leads to quiet quitting or staff departures but also creates a toxic work environment that harms both personal well-being and professional relationships.

Kat O. (NextupisNow)

"After Cait’s session, learners have told me about how they are effectively putting into practice what Cait taught in her session and not only getting themselves out of burnout – but I am seeing entire teams become increasingly able to circumvent burnout. Individual learners are putting in the work and actions Cait gave them and are becoming a force for good in their workplaces."

True Emotional Management In the Workplace Starts with...


...admitting that emotions exist! 

Cait brings a holistic and transformative approach to emotional management in the workplace. Through her keynotes, coaching, and training sessions, she teaches organisations how to embrace and process every emotion effectively, using tools from emotional intelligence and boundary-setting.

Her vibrant speaking style, infused with humor and a touch of neon pink, ensures her message is not only heard but felt, making her sessions a powerful catalyst for reducing burnout and enhancing morale. Invite Cait to share her uniquely blended insights and energize your team, paving the way for a more engaged and higher performing workplace.

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“Cait helped both me and my group leaders understand the signs of potential burnout, how it affects the individual as well as those around them, and some simple steps to start the healing process.”