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Presentations that are Catalysts for Change

Step aside, dull and dreary talks! I love bringing my no-nonsense attitude and passion for ending burnout culture to your orgs and associations. I'm not just another "been-there-done-that" speaker; I've lived and conquered burnout myself, and I'm on a serious mission to make sure everyone who encounters it to do the same.

In a world drowning in stress and exhaustion, my unconventional, counterintuitive, yet research backed stress-busting strategies are exactly what your audience needs. I won't sugarcoat the truth or bore you with textbook jargon (although, we will talk a little brain science!) – I'll serve up real talk, humor, and practical tips to kick burnout to the curb!

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Fireside Chats, Trainings, and More!


 After your socks have been blown off at a session, your next question is often: How ELSE can you help us?

I'm available for Fireside chats, book or podcast club sessions, leadership training, 1:1 coaching for your most vulnerable people - and more! 

If you need it, I'll find a way to get it to you whether it's with me or one of my burnout busting colleagues.


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