Misson: #endburnoutculture in organizations and individuals for better: morale, health, and profitability.

Methods: Speaking, Training, Coaching, Podcasting, Authoring


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Presentations that are Catalysts for Change

Step aside, dull and dreary talks! Cait Donovan brings the heat with her no-nonsense attitude and fiery passion for slaying burnout dragons. She's not just another "been-there-done-that" speaker; she's lived and conquered burnout herself, and she's here to spill the tea on how to do the same.

In a world drowning in stress and exhaustion, Cait's psychology prowess and unconventional counterintuitive stress-busting strategies are exactly what your audience needs. She won't sugarcoat the truth or bore you with textbook jargon – she'll serve up real talk and practical tips to kick burnout to the curb!

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Laughter + Burnout?

Transformative keynotes with a focus on humor and unconventional advice help participants to shift and grow in both their personal and professional lives.