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Step aside, dull and dreary talks! Cait Donovan brings the heat with her no-nonsense attitude and fiery passion for slaying burnout dragons. She's not just another "been-there-done-that" speaker; she's lived and conquered burnout herself, and she's here to spill the tea on how to do the same.

In a world drowning in stress and exhaustion, Cait's psychology prowess and unconventional counterintuitive stress-busting strategies are exactly what your audience needs. She won't sugarcoat the truth or bore you with textbook jargon – she'll serve up real talk and practical tips to kick burnout to the curb!

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Coaching The Way YOU Need It


You're ready to move on through burnout station but you know you need support.

FRIED Burnout Solutions offers you 1:1 coaching options as well as group coaching options to make sure you're getting exactly what you need to leave burnout behind and build a burnout proof life.

Check out our COACHING page to find out which option is best for where you are right now!

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Sarah As A Coach

The biggest lessons I learned are to prioritize my wants and needs, and to evaluate the emotional and physical ‘costs’ of things. Working with Sarah was pivotal in my burnout recovery, she gave me the tools to feel safe and feel like myself again.
~ Shannon

Cait As A Coach

Her no nonsense and  compassionate approach was exactly what I needed. It was a breath of fresh air that this didn't feel like another to-do on my neverending list. It was simple but impactful and got to the heart of what I needed to transform my burnout."~ Bre-An