I love bringing a new perspective to the worlds of emotional intelligence and burnout.


Kat Ortiz, Manager of Learning and Organization Development NextUp

‚ÄúAs a psychologist, I am very picky when choosing speakers/facilitators.¬†Every single point and strategy that Cait uses is backed by research and data.¬†The actions she teaches are not only psychologically safe, they are backed by science. In a world of influencers and people with good ideas using pseudo-science, I appreciate Cait‚Äôs dedication to true information and the work she has put into it.‚ÄĚ


A sassy science nerd with a penchant for humor



It stinks for the people going through it, and it stinks for the people AROUND the people going through it (it's contagious).

I know how bad burnout stinks because I lived it first hand. I was stuck in a burnout cycle for YEARS before I understood what was happening (it was an HBR article in 2016 that sparked my recognition!).

As a healthcare practitioner, I couldn't understand how this happened to me, so I turned to outside help and research for answers. 



During my burnout, my relationship was suffering, my patients were suffering, my friendships were suffering, and my colleagues... you guessed it...suffering. 

I knew a lot about stress management before I burned out, but I didn't know enough about myself and how I related to the world around me.

By piecing together what I was gaining from reading 40 years of burnout research with my life and my Chinese medicine studies, a picture started to emerge. 



My burnout recovery helped me dive deeper into my Chinese medicine background and allowed me the chance to use 'negative' emotions for good. 

At first, I found myself feeling shame and self blame and judgement - like it was my fault that I got here. But I kept digging and what I found was that burnout has a HOST of 'root causes' and most people were missing the mark.



The more I wrote and shared about my experience, the more feedback I got about how universal it was.

FRIED was born out of this realization and is now a top 1% podcast, globally.

I love getting messages from people that say they are relieved to find out that burnout was not their fault - or their companies! The web of causation is trickier than that!




FRIED. The Burnout Podcast grew faster than expected, and my self published book was.. Selling!

The feedback from speaking events was coming in strong and I was being invited back over and over. This whole sharing my message thing was WORKING!

It turns out we can move through burnout and burnout related issues in the workplace without guilt, blame, or shame - if we do it together. 




Every company and every person is unique and yet the lessons of burnout go beyond where you work, who you are, and what you think. 

I have worked with individual business owners, executives facing burnout, entire teams facing burnout, even associations of professions with high burnout rates like public health, dentistry, lawyers, therapists, corporate employees and nonprofits. 

If you're burnt out, or your company is suffering burnout related issues like attrition, low engagement and low productivity - I can help.


I became a great listener while practicing Chinese medicine in Warsaw, Prague, and NYC. I've been a great talker since... well, forever. In 8th grade, as a top honors student, I won "Most Talkative". It turns out distilling hard to understand information into digestible and implementable tips has always been a natural talent of mine.

Everyone deserves freedom from burnout and I truly love helping them find it - 1:1 or in a room of thousands. Each person that learns that burnout is not their fault and is able to choose a path that leads them back to health and fulfillment - makes me happy. Each manager or company who finally understands which parts of this puzzle belong to them (and which parts decidedly don't!!) - makes me happy. 

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