Burnout Coaching Speeds Up Your Recovery

Without support, burnout recovery can take up to 5 (yes, 5!) years. We do not want that for you. Both I, Cait Donovan, and my Burnout Coach Bestie, Sarah Vosen are here to serve you. Want to find out who YOU should work with? Take our Quiz!

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1:1 Calls with Experts

Get personalized guidance on your burnout recovery journey as well as exercises that we KNOW move the needle, because we've been doing this for years. In addition to being Burnout Coaches, we are both Acupuncturists with over 15 years of healthcare experience. We have literally SEEN IT ALL. Bring everything you've got, you won't shock us and you won't stump us! :)

Slow is Smooth; Smooth is Fast

You have 14 weeks to use 6x-1 hour calls, which means that there is enough time for implementation, practice, and to find holes that we can plug together as you recover from your burnout. We are not in a rush, we want QUALITY over QUANTITY. One of the reasons you might be burnt out is because of always rushing through life. Burnout Recovery Coaching is meant to be savored.

Straightforward or more Gentle?

No matter what style of coach suits you, one of us can meet it. Cait is best with straightforward feedback, she doesn't pull any punches. Sarah works best with the highly sensitive, especially those in the healing arts or who are steeped in jobs of service. Not sure who you should work with? We've got a quiz for that! You can head here to take it, it's short, and funny and totally worth your time :))

Don't Stay On the Burnout Cycle Any Longer

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Cindy C (with Cait)

What surprised you most about our work together?

How much I accomplished in such a short time. On my own I would have never taken any of the steps I took while working with you like quit my job and feel good about it, not shame. Learning about how severe burnout is and how it impacts your brain and body. I LOVED our time together! It was so easy to connect with you and I felt 1000% supported the entire time. It was an emotional few months for me and I still look back and thing about where I would be right now if I never signed on to work with you.

Shannon (with Sarah)

What surprised you most about our work together?

I was surprised to learn that simply taking time to assess how I feel, and what I’m capable of, can change everything. The biggest lessons I learned are to prioritize my wants and needs, and to evaluate the emotional and physical ‘costs’ of things. Working with Sarah was pivotal in my burnout recovery, she gave me the tools to feel like myself again. Anyone who is sensitive to others emotions, in a caregiving role, struggling to find themselves or who have lost that connection to themselves will benefit from working with Sarah.

MT (with Sarah)

My work with Sarah focused on building trust in myself, honoring my current level of physical and emotional energy, recognizing anxiety producing behaviors, and what could be let go of. I accomplished more than I realized and Sarah really helped me to see how much more I'm capable of beyond what my beliefs say. The perfectionist in me will need to build a muscle to keep taking a step back and look at the day to day accomplishments that build up to the big picture, and keep checking in on things that I can truly let go of (whether it's an attachment to something or an actual task). My biggest takeaway is that there is nothing wrong with being sensitive!! If anything, it's something that I can lean into and honor in myself, as well as others. I can also hear Sarah's voice in my head to stop over giving at work and in personal life, to protect my energy. Basically, to work smarter, not harder!