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This is the content we all need right now! Cait offers such important advice and creates a safe place to give yourself some grace.

Katie W

Honestly, I was annoyed when I read through the first time, but then I stopped my head trash talk and started with the smallest change - It's been one day and I already feel better.

Nick K

Small changes add up. As a perfectionist, it was hard for me to start small, but I'm learning that this is the fastest way through. The little things matter.

Cindy C.

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Formally Burnt Out Person


I'm Cait and if you're a FRIED. The Burnout Podcast listener, you know me as your podcast host who holds nothing back and wants nothing more than to #endburnoutculture.

I know that #endingburnoutculture starts with each one of us deciding to not participate in it anymore - but how the hell do you fight the system when you're so damn tired already?

You start with this guide. 

This set of instructions comes to you after talking to 1000's of people, doing 100's of podcast interviews, coaching 100's of you, recovering from burnout myself, and doing another degree because even after burnout, I'm still a high achiever (yes, that's okay - I just go about it a little different now ;))

So, when you hear your head trying to tell you that these changes are too small or that you've done them already, I want you to promise me to fight back and do them anyway.

These steps are literally the foundation you need to leave burnout behind for good.

Don't let your head get in the way of that!

I want this!