10 Amazing Burnout Professionals To Help You Heal

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

Healing from burnout is an endeavor. It's not easy and often takes longer than we want it to. It's also full of blind spots, and mismatched advice. I truly and deeply believe, as a person who DIY's nearly EVERYTHING in life, that you should get help when it comes to healing from burnout.

I know that 1:1 help isn't financially affordable for everyone which is why I wrote The Bouncebackability Factor and why I produce FRIED. The Burnout Podcast week after week. Creating free content that helps people heal is massively important to me. That being said, if you know it's time for help and you're ready to get it, here are some options (in no particular order other than I wrote about myself first.. lol):


1. Cait Donovan (me!) if you're here it's because you've resonated with my content in the past. My focus is on burnout recovery, especially in high achieving womxn entrepreneurs. I believe prevention and recovery are separate beasts and if you need to recovery, I'm your girl. Things I love doing are: working on boundaries, communication, plugging energy leaks, not shying away from tough emotions, and creating mini healing moments that you can build in to your day by day (so that after you recover, you have BUILT IN burnout prevention ;)). My goal through coaching isn't to change you - it's to unearth you, allow you to live the life you want, and feel confident in the tools you have to combat burnout and stress in the future.

2. Dr. Sandra Lewis. Sandra and I live about 10 minutes apart and I'm a better person for being in her vicinity. As a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, and Qigong practitioner with years of clinical, teaching and consulting experience, Dr. Sandra has a unique ability to blend evidence-based strategies and ancient wisdom into a practical formula for sustainable success and fulfillment. You can find out more and book a free call here.

3.Elizabeth Collins. Eliza, (as she's known to me) also focuses on burnout recovery. We're both acupuncturists and her burnout recovery process includes functional medicine workups, supplements/nutrition, intuitive coaching, hypnosis, breath work and more. She blends science with energetic practices like no other. 

4. Rebecca O'Brien. Rebecca and I met on LinkedIn where she shares the best content. She's open with her own story and her focus is on burnout prevention and recovery with a focus on IT execs, and health conscious high achievers that know they need a little something extra. She works 1:1 and does corporate wellness workshops. You can book a call with Rebecca here!

5. Leah Steele. Leah and I met when a mutual friend suggested that Leah come on FRIED. The Burnout Podcast as a guest. We've been digging deep and having the tough conversations ever since. Leah is a mentor and trainer working with corporate professionals who are struggling with burnout, exhaustion, and imposter syndrome. Leah works often with corporate clients doing workshops. Find out more about Leah.

6. Lauren Baptiste. Lauren and I bumped into each other at an in person event, a Burnout Roundtable discussion put on by Ellevate in NYC (back when you could meet people in person!). We sat side by side and created an immediate bond. Lauren is an executive wellness coach and a practitioner of Ayurveda. Lauren offers group coaching, Ayurvedic consults, remote healing, and corporate workshops.

7. Maggie Supernova. For my friends across the pond, this UK powerhouse can help guide you. Maggie's background is in the entertainment industry and she knows all too well how this environment can be a driver of burnout. Maggie is a yoga teacher, a meditation guide, and an all around great coach when you need someone on your side. Read about Maggie here.

8. Erayna Sargent. Erayna goes by @burnout_whisperer on Instagram and there's a reason for it. Her content is always on point. She is also the founder of @hookywellness and a writer @iamwellandgood. Her focus is on professionals in high performance organizations and teams! Contact her through her website or email [email protected]

9. Errin Weisman, D.O. Errin is another amazing coach who guides physicians away from burnout. She has an online course called Burnt Out To Badass that even offers continuing education units for healthcare professionals. Errin also hosts a podcast called Doctor Me First.

10. Khadijah Tishan Washington. Khadijah and I had an incredible conversation on FRIED. The Burnout Podcast. Khadijah's work doesn't center on burnout, but instead on healing generational trauma. So often generational trauma is a driver of burnout and Khadijah is just the person to help you heal so you can maintain your energy, your boundaries, and heal generations before you and after you.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are LOADS of people focused on helping you through burnout. Everything from coaches to therapists, reiki practitioners to acupuncturists, chiropractors to somatic healers exists to support you.

Here's to your healing. You deserve it!



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