How to Use FRIED The Burnout Podcast For Your Own Burnout Recovery

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If you're burnt out and not sure where you should start when it comes to FRIED The Burnout Podcast episodes, I've made you a list of what you need to know FIRST and foremost when it comes to your burnout recovery. 


 #straightfromcait episodes

Burnout 101: Understand What is Happening To You

How To Start Your Burnout Recovery

How Long Will Burnout Recovery Take?

Do I Need to Quit My Job to Recover from Burnout?

How to Create Safety and Heal Your Brain for Burnout Recovery

 A (short!) Meditation to Help Regulate Your Nervous System

What to Do When All You Want is To Disappear, Get in an Accident, or End Up 'Just Sick Enough" to Get Rid of Your Responsibilities

How to Process Emotions in Your Body (another short meditation - this one is a download)


Guest Episodes

Jess Brennan - Grief and Burnout

Sandra Lewis - Putting Yourself Back Together

Carolyn Brown - Fixing Your Environment

Shonte Javon Taylor - Neuroscience and Burnout

Melanie Moberg - Codependence and Burnout 

Elizabeth Collins - Functional Medicine and Burnout

Sarah Vosen - FRIED. Burnout Coach on Empathy and Being Highly Sensitive

Cait Donovan's Burnout Story


This is more than enough to get you started. I suggest going through the #straightfromcait episodes first - slowly and implementing the changes that resonate with you most (and seriously, if something doesn't resonate, please don't even consider doing it - your vibes are right for your life!). 

After that, this list of guest episodes are the ones that are the most highly downloaded, and therefore the ones that FRIED listeners seem to find the most helpful.

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Happy Healing!


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