10 Reasons You Need A Burnout Coach

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2019

Over the past month, we had a big discussion about Burnout. What it means, what it is, what it does to you. This all started because someone asked me: “I know I’m burnt out, but do I need a coach?”

I started with a 3 part series of what burnout is to show the difference people who are saying they’re burnt out just need a vacation and those that really need some help.

Burnout was clarified as something that keeps you on a closed-loop (read: stuck) without the real ability to see a way out that leads to:

  1. Physical and emotional exhaustion
  2. Cynicism and detachment
  3. Feeling a lack of accomplishment

The reason I started offering help to people stuck in this loop is because I got on this Burnout carnival ride when I was fresh out of school and it took almost 8 years for me to get off. Thyroid issues, weight gain, exhaustion, migraines, feeling purposeless, not knowing what the hell this was all for, avoiding friends and family – were all parts of my burnout. Had I known there was someone who could help me navigate the burnout jungle, I could have saved myself years of fatigue and frustration.

That being said, not everyone needs a coach – so how do you decipher if YOU need a coach? Here are 10 good reasons that you could use a burnout coach:

1. You’ve been here before. This ain’t your first rodeo. Those of us that burnout tend to do so on repeat. If you’re stuck on repeat, you probably need an outside view for some perspective on how/what/why to change.

2. It involves a physical component that Drs can’t seem to help with. Maybe it’s severe fatigue, maybe it’s weight gain, maybe it’s jaw clenching or migraines or both. Lucky for you, I’m an expert in Chinese medicine and can give you some tips that you wouldn’t get other places – AND – almost all my tricks involve basic kitchen ingredients.

3. You can’t see the forest through the trees. A coach will help keep you on track and working towards a goal even when you can’t exactly see where you’re going. I wish coaches were called Guides – because that’s what we really do.

4. You want to feel more impactful. You have passions and dreams. You might even have a job or business that centers around them but somewhere along the way, the whole thing just lost luster. Helping get your spark back is one of my favorite things to do.

5. You’ve tried to do this on your own but got stuck. Life always seems to get in the way and it’s easy to put other people’s needs before your own (over 80% of my clients are people pleasers!). A coach is your Thomas the Tank Engine that’ll keep chugging when you don’t think you can. The other issue is that sometimes you get about 10% better and so you think it'll be okay and so you stop working at it, a coach keeps you accountable!

6. Something major in your life changed and you know you aren’t navigating it super well. Job changes, divorces, moves, deaths – not always a pleasant list of things to think about but shift requires shift and if you’re not budging, I’m here to give you a nudge.

7. Your job/business is costing you way too much and you can’t see a way out. Together, we can do a full-on review of what’s working and what’s not to see what bits are salvageable and what bits just need to go for your future health and wellbeing. Often, you need a coach to help you be uber honest about what’s really going on. If you won’t admit it in front of yourself, a good coach will help you find it anyway.

8. You’re not enjoying the people you love. Friends, family, whoever you choose to share your life with – when you’re burnt out, you sort of suck. I don’t say that to bum you out, but you’re hard to be around. You’re likely more nit-picky, more irritable, and overall less fun. A great coach will help you rebalance out the relationships with those who matter to you most.

9. You’re not enjoying yourself. Oof. This is a sentence I read from you all the time: “I just want to feel like myself again, I just want to like myself again”. I love to help you see the best in you and get back on track with your primary relationship, the one between you and that person in the mirror.

10. You feel like the only solution is to disappear far far away. Running away from your problems never solves them. Ram Dass tells us: “Wherever you go, there you are”. And he’s right. A great coach can help you break down what needs to be done to face your life into digestible, doable, figureoutable pieces so the tasks ahead feel less daunting.


I hope that helps clear it up for you. If you read through this list and checked off 5 or more things, get a free consult ASAP!

I promise to tell you if I really believe you need some help or if you’re good on your own.




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